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Bridgehampton Fire District Weighs Need For More Space At Firehouse

Given it has been thirty years since the building was built, a think it sounds like a great idea, office space for everyone! lets be real for a moment, is an other building going to improve on response times? i think before anything is decided, get a proper assessment of and present all the options. let the district voters vote.
I would entertain the idea of a sub station, being that 90 percent of the calls are ambulance, and cover the wainscott, sagaponack districts. perhaps maybe some of the Hopping property could be used. all just ideas, but we should all be real that its the tax payers who ultimately take the beating. " Mar 16, 11 1:56 PM

Sag Harbor Mayor, Police Chief At Odds Over Police Staffing

Why not pool the resources of the village..i e get community more involved. Why not ask the fire departments fire police to handle shifts during Harbor fest weekend. They are equipped and had they're training paid for by the fire district to handle those situations. This is supposed to be about community involvement and team work. Stop looking at the almighty dollar, and do whats right for the people who live in the community. If man power is the issue, then def hire the part timer. It takes prob two or three shifts to know Sag harbor. Get over the ego's and start doing what's right for the people! The people pay the taxes...if they want another one on the force..then one way or the other they pay for it! Let the people speak..open forum! Then have a vote then and there to decide. Best of luck Sag Harbor Village.
" Aug 30, 13 11:18 AM