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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach


My son works in the summer and he made practices. If he couldn't make them, he called Coach Marienfeld, told him, and made arrangements to make the next one. I think a lot of kids who made those practices worked. I can't see that as a valid excuse.

Furthermore, if a student chooses to play two sports and the practices for those sports happen at the same time the student has to make a choice over which one is more important to him.

If he picks sport A, he's going to be better at sport A and he'll get more playing time at sport A. If he also wants to play sport B, it's reasonable to assume, he won't be as good at sport B and he won't get as much playing time, right?

Or are you suggesting because he was practicing sport A when the other students were practicing sport B, he's entitled to the same amount of playing time?

Really?" Feb 2, 09 2:28 PM

Here are my top favorite quotes from double-D:

‘players wlo quit half way through the year to the All-Leagur squad’
‘sorry about the gammer expolsion’
’are you aware to reiceve’
‘clinch it fior Mery’
‘completely inapropiate’
‘This is nit a bash’

This has nothing to do with your 'keyboard abilities' and everything to do with what a stupid idiot you sound like.

I know who you are. A bitter, high school drop out that's got no life. Not a community minded parent/coach/ teacher like Fred Marienfeld. What have you done for Sag Harbor lately? What did you coach?" Feb 6, 09 4:36 PM