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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

What have high school sports come to? "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" Why even play anymore? Lets just give all the kids a cup cake and a "nice try award." Coach Marienfeld shows passion about the sport and cares about the kids. Sports are more than just games, ithey are LIFE LESSONS. And guess what, mommy and daddy can't hold your hand forever. This seems to be a real life witch hunt. I thought they only took place in Salem. As a former Pierson athlete and Sag Harbor resident I am saddend and sick by this and it makes me ashamed of what kind of society Sag Harbor has become and what we are teaching are children. My parents taught me "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" It won me a D1 scholarship in 88 and life lessons that are only becoming apparent as I get older. Get over your egos and let this good man do his job. Go get a hunk of chedder to go with your whine!" Jan 30, 09 6:42 PM

I guess Mr Earwarts has never seen any coach in action other then one to be found in "Mr Rogers Neighborhood" Golly, what do you think Coach Petrie says when players make mistakes on the floor? Does he give them a kiss on the forehead and a warm glass of milk? I think not. Ever heard of guys like Bobby Knight? How about Bob Vishno or Debbie Jayne? Do you think every word out of their mouth was kind?? Why must we surgar coat every thing we say and handle players with kidd gloves? I'm sure whatevr pointers the coach had for me were far better than hearing what my dad would have to say after the game.
Didn't one of these "team" players already quit once last year? Did this same player feel that it was ok for him to miss summer work outs with the rest of the "team" Was the one player out of joint because he did not get the role of captain? Just because you are s senior does not make you Captain material. If they can't hack high scholl (Pierson no less) how on earth do these people think they could hack college ball. I'm sure coach Marienfeld is well aware of his short comings and if he had any doubt, people like you would be sure to point them out. While you have been sitting on your duff this guy has been out helping kids LONG before he was getting paid for it. If his coaching efforts are deemed a failure with repeated trips to the playoffs, I feel sorry for the next guy and how high the bar will be set for them. " Feb 1, 09 3:27 PM

Where is Peirson sagharborparent? Does Mr Marienfeld teach/coach there as well? Guess you don't know the school cheer....Must be off on Elite travel somewhere." Feb 2, 09 3:54 PM

I can read and according to your post you said that you were not born here, but have lived MOST of your life here. It did not mention where you received your education. Since MOST is the operative word and its definiition relative, I did not realize that you were so old. My mistake. My point was at least you could spell the school correctly. For your future reference PIERSON is spelled out in the cheer on bus rides home. But only in the case of regular teams, not special ELITE ones.
To compare this issue with one where criminal charges have been filed seems just a bit over the top. The coach might have hurt some egos, but he did not endanger their physicial welfare. You are right about love not having to be tough. Love is the parents job, not his. However it was his job to make them better. Ever heard of "heat of the moment"? He made a mistake in what he said and was punished for it. What ever your opinion is, mine is in agreement with main beach that this was handled very poorly by all sides and the kids on the team will be the ones to suffer. Well at least the ones who play for the love of the game.
Let me know when you get the lynch mob together.
" Feb 3, 09 10:46 AM

I have one last comment before my head explodes. You have mentioned peoples comments calling the kids quitters, whiners, etc are small minded and wrong to do so. Yet you yourself have been slinging comments around about Fred, calling him a tormentor and claiming to know the exact size and content of his personnel folder. In fact one post likend his actions on the same level as a coach charged with murder.You want to talk about not knowing facts or a violation in privacy policy? Did the kids quit or not? If they did, they can then be called quitters. If they did not quit, then I apologize for my mistake.
I hope everyone reads A FINE LINE. A great article which points out some very important issues. Every coach has a style and if you don't like it, don't play. Sports are not required. And guess what, the coach does not have to like you and vis versa. Hard work gets playing time, plain and simple. Fred is a good coach. Have any of you tried your hand at coaching? Its not so easy being a Monday morning quarter back when its only Friday Night (at game time)

And yes I am sure there have been letters sent to the administrators " Feb 3, 09 6:03 PM

A Fine Line
Commentary by Cailin Brophy,
Sports Editor, The Southampton Press

Sooo Mike I guess its ok for a guy like you to make degrading statements about other schools players not even involved? All Ross and Shelter Island players are patsies? Botton rung of the ladder? Nice. People like you are part of the problem. Lawsuits, great solution. Maybe those parents should file against you. You sound like a real winner and a great guy." Feb 4, 09 8:54 PM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

Hey Mike

Since when is Ed Petrie NOT a district teacher? Is the East Hampton middle school not considered in the East Hampton district? He was a PE teacher for the middle school for how many years? He coached and taught for how many years as well as ran the biddy basketball? And if you want to talk about playing favorites, please. I lived some of that crap. I was a student at the school and he would not let girls play on his biddy b-ball teams. Sure, that was fair, not. Hey if it was you, you would have sued right? Back then, you sucked it up. But, he was/is still a GOOD coach, and a tough coach. He and Fred are cut from similiar cloth in their styles. Coach P has mellowed..alot.

Where did you come up with Sag Harbors enrollment? Did you count by 10's? What do you know about winning and losing in league play? Did you ever play? Or were you our water boy? You can't even grasp the rules of Section Xl. If you have kids, I hope they take after their mother and stay in East Hampton. " Feb 6, 09 9:54 AM

Double dumb,

What I compared was their coaching STYLES, not their RECORDS. Where did you see any such stat mentioned? Or anything close to that? Plus Fred had just started with this program, how can you compare a LIFETIME of coaching over just a few years? Since you're a FACT guy, what was Petries record in his first 3 years? First 5 years? How about his win % at Pierson? That would be an apples to apples comparison. Which is some random point you seemed to have made up.
O.K Double D, let met Dumb it Down for you. My point IS that Petrie WAS a district teacher and coach for both East Hamptton AND Pierson. So Mikes point of hiring non teachers is a MOOT one!! He is the one that used Petrie as an example that did not lend itself to the FACTS. Thats what you want right? So you should try a little reading comprehension before you start putting words in my mouth. Any questions?? " Feb 6, 09 5:28 PM