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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

What is going on in Sag Harbor? I am a Hamptons resident but not a Sag Harbor resident. I would be EMBARRASSED to say I was from Sag Harbor. Firstly, you don't show your teachers the respect they deserve by paying accordingly. They are the lowest paid teachers in our region. You have schools that produce high test scores and send your graduates to great schools.There is a reason why that happens!!!!Secondly, your administrators cave to whining parents! Who is your board hiring?? Maybe you should pay more attention to who is running your schools. Attend board meetings...question your board.I know that Mr. Marienfeld will bounce back because he has character and perseverance. I can't say that for the kids who quit this team. They've shown anything but character and perseverance. They are quitters who take off when times get rough. Those parents have condemned themselves taking care of their children for a VERY LONG TIME. I hope those of you who feel strongly enough to comment will also follow up with a call to a board member or at least your new Superintendent. " Jan 30, 09 8:19 PM

The Principal, AD and Superintendent of Pierson High School should be wary of the precedent that has been set with the firing of Coach Fred Marienfeld. Not only have they let go of an incredibly qualified and passionate coach, they have let go of a man of amazing integrity, loyalty and decency. These are attributes you look for when leading our sons and daughters. He is a teacher of respect for games as well as life. I think he has been shown the greatest disrespect. Only one word can describe the way I feel about the way this man has been treated by the Sag Harbor School District, specifically the men mentioned above: DISGRACEFUL.
The precedent set here is this: If Junior is not happy with his current situation, it cannot possibly have anything to do with Junior. It has to be somebody else. Let’s look at the facts, shall we. Junior did not show up to summer basketball WORKOUTS, even though coach said it will help build a sense of team and allow for Junior to WORK a little more on his game. Junior went out for the team and missed a number of practices, where you go to continue to hone your skills and become a better player through hard WORK. Junior was not selected as a captain. Junior quits the team because Junior is not starting nor getting the playing time Junior thinks Junior should get. Junior complains to the AD because the mean, old coach has it against him. The AD makes the coach take him back. The coach does. Junior returns, missing more practices, missing more opportunities to WORK on his game like the rest of his teammates are doing. Junior gets fewer minutes. The team is beaten badly in a game. The coach, in frustration, swears. Coach makes the TEAM, I said the TEAM, run lines. Junior has had enough and walks off. His virgin ears cannot bear the sound of the profanity, he is scarred for life. Junior goes to the AD and says coach said bad words. GUESS WHAT? The AD fires the coach, perhaps better stated, the AD, Principal and Superintendent stab him in the back.
As a former student/athlete, I remember what my coaches preached: “You get what you put into it.” They spoke of hard work, practicing your craft. It was a lesson in life and I embraced it. My TEAMMATES and I worked hard not only for ourselves but also for each other. The words EARN and WORK seem to be forgotten with many today. In Coach Marienfeld’s case, these words, unfortunately, probably got him fired by one surly kid with a chip on his shoulders. If I was a member of the present Pierson team, I would imagine the team is better off without this guy and the other guy, too. The whole damned story is sad and pathetic.
Our Principal, AD and Superintendent are very much on the hot seat. How secure would you feel working for these guys. Yes, the coach used some colorful language. My coaches said some humdingers, too. Have I been scarred for life. I do not think so. But, really, these are the guys you want on your side when another “Junior” comes around trying to ruin everything you have worked your whole life on. Give me a break. Coach Fred Marienfeld deserved much better. So do all of us.

" Jan 30, 09 11:11 PM