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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

I do not know Mr. Marienfeld- so I cannot vouch for or counter any claims to his good name.

I am SO thankful that I left this kind of nonsense behind when I pulled up stakes and left Sag Harbor for good. This kind of petty action is what spurred Steinbeck to write 'Winter of our Discontent' whilst he lived in Sag Harbor. (do not be fooled - it is NOT a New England Town it IS Sag Harbor).

Though the town has undergone many changes since my departure some 20 + years ago, it is sitll ruled by a petty, silly and vain underbelly. Pierson is, and always has been, a joke despite the best efforts of its students and activist parents.

I do not know the current generation of the families mentioned, but my experience with their parents lends me to believe that this is only more of the same.

The beauty of the surroundings cannot offset the toxicity of its people.
" Jan 30, 09 8:29 PM