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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

The details of what happened are somewhat vague in this article, but the administration’s awkwardness is reflected in the contradictory statements from the principal.

The direct quote: “The district has expectations for its coaches, and Mr. Marienfeld did not meet those expectations.”

Later in the article: “According to Nichols, Marienfeld’s position as a physical education teacher in the district will not be affected by his firing as head basketball coach, nor will any of his other coaching duties in other sports be affected.”

The coach led the basketball team into the playoffs every season and had a solid four year record, so basketball expectations seem to have been met. He is welcome to continue teaching and coaching in other sports in the district, so his general skills as an educator have not been impugned.

What expectations were not met? Is there now an expectation that all potential players and their parents maintain unequivocal approval for a coach during the course of a season? At the varsity level? That is news." Jan 31, 09 3:00 AM