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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

I find it a shame that this happened to Coach Marienfeld. I love the reason that the administration gave in the article "the district has expectations for its coaches....". I guess a winning record, repeated trips to the playoffs and a hard working dedicated coach are not the expectations that the administration had! If this has something to do with the Coach using foul language, let me say this; if every coach got fired for using foul language, there would be no coaches. Or if it's because some kids didn't play as much as they thought they should have and mommy and daddy got mad, well, welcome to what we call life. Another note, this won't effect his teaching position. Coach, I'm behind you 100%, but how can an administration say his position as a teacher will not be affected. I guess the school is putting athletics ahead of education! Then it dawned on me, the "position was posted yesterday, according to Nichols, who said a new coach will be named by 2 p.m. today". If it isn't the assistant coach, how can you find a coach in one day? There must have been some sort of planning for this if it takes one day to hire a new coach. Let's see how long it took the administration to find a Superintendent or iron out teaching contracts. It would be great to bring back the days of try outs where in fact, yes, people were cut and didn't make a team. But they practiced and tried out again. And whatever happened to honors and high honors? Unfortunately it doesn't pay to be a hard working, hard studying student these days. It's the ones that follow the rules and do well that get overlooked. So what if you didn't make the honor, but it sure made you feel good when you did. There are let downs in life and not everything will go one's way. It's too bad students don't find that out while their in school and before they go to college. So bring back try outs, the honor roll and most important Coach Marienfeld. We need to wake up and recognize those who succeed a little more and let kids know there is success and yes, failure (sorry mommy and daddy) along the journey. Hey Fred, Go C-State Red Dragons!!!!" Jan 31, 09 7:57 PM