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U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Says He Was Outraged Over Nunes Memo

Every time Chuckie boy, the mad hatter, maxine waters, botox pelosi , open their mouth Trump gains more supporters. What a lineup of freaks. Come on dems you can do better than this. Remember JFK, Truman, FDR? They were real Democrats. " Feb 8, 18 4:14 PM

For the uninformed: the mad hatter is that loud mouthed loon Fredirica Wilson from Florida. And lets not forget Al "the molester" Franken, and Anthony Weiner. Todays Democrats are truly a pathetic bunch of degenerates. " Feb 8, 18 4:56 PM

Po Boy: Don't know you but you are brilliant, great debater. Best posts on this sight. Always look forward to your logical reasoning. We use common sense, they use nonsense." Feb 9, 18 12:14 PM

June Bug: You are getting me, P. Revere, mixed up with Po Boy. Po Boy is the brilliant one, I am the "lawman". I called Po Boy brilliant in my last post, and he is. Please elaborate regarding the "sealed indictment" ...... what are your sources, facts, etc. " Feb 9, 18 1:53 PM

Zeldin Calls For Crackdown On Gang Violence; Police Chief Applauds Effort, Cites Evidence Of Activity

Hey country joke, who controls the Senate? the House? the Presidency? Good laugh, yea, that's right, I'm laughing all the way to the bank. I haven't been laughing this much since Reagan was president. Happy days are here again. You hillary people from Sag Harbor are pathetic. Get over it, you have SEVEN more years to cry and whine. Soon we will have the Supreme Court stacked with conservatives. I'm still laughing country joke. Laughing! Laughing! Laughing!" Feb 11, 18 12:43 AM

Dream on Country JOKE. I'm still laughing. Maxine Waters, Chuckie Boy Schumer, Botox Pelosi, and Frederica "the MAD HATTER Wilson are the face of the Democratic party. It's a circus side show. I laugh every time I see or think about those liberal clowns. Life is good and getting better every day for Republicans. " Feb 11, 18 4:34 PM

june bug: Name one KKK crime, member, cross burning, meeting place; any evidence at all, occurring in Hampton Bays by one of its citizens. THERE IS NO KKK IN HAMPTON BAYS. Hampton Bays residents are wonderful people that have sacrificed time and money to educate. feed, house and support Hispanics and others in need. You should apologized for slandering the good people of Hampton Bays. " Feb 12, 18 9:47 PM

Well said HB Proud. June Bug, I subscribe to the SH Press and knew all about that pathetic loser. He "claims" to be a KKK member. If he claimed to be a democrat would you believe him? People like you use his name and give him publicity. That"s exactly what he wants. THERE IS NO KKK IN HAMPTON BAYS, just a pathetic loner, loser, hate monger looking for attention and people like you give it to him. " Feb 13, 18 5:19 PM

June Bug; I am still waiting for your source and evidence regarding "the third sealed indicment " held by Mueller that you stated charges Trump with money laundering, fraud, etc. Don't believe false Russian news. " Feb 13, 18 9:12 PM

FBHB: HB Proud always states the truth. I attribute your accusation against him to your profound ignorance . According to FBI reports, MS-13 is the most violent street gang in the United States." Feb 14, 18 8:58 AM

Forget the origin debate. Let's debate how and why they were let into the U.S. Which administration let them in? I remember something about an earthquake in El Salvador. They came here on hardship visas? Time to throw them out." Feb 14, 18 12:27 PM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

6 tax and spend liberals. Regulate, regulate ,regulate. Take from those who can and do and give to those who can't and won't. Zeldin has nothing to worry about. 6 lightweighs. These 6 will protect MS-13 as poor misguided orphans. Pathetic group of dem losers. Zeldin in a landslide. MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Build the wall and throw the criminals out." Feb 20, 18 2:30 PM

pacman: That was a joke. We all laughed when Trump said that. No sane person believed that Mexico would pay for the wall. How naive you are. " Feb 20, 18 5:39 PM

State Independence Party Endorses Zeldin In Reelection Bid

It's a new and wonderful day America. God Bless the working people of America aka Republicans." Mar 5, 18 3:44 PM

Parents Protest As East Hampton Village Denies Permits For Wedding Receptions

Liberals and progressives at work. Regulate, regulate regulate. Will the wedding parties drown out the helicopter noise? Illegals violate our laws; vehicular, housing etc. every day and nothing is done. Make life hard for hard working Americans. Marriage is a good thing for families and children. The EH village board is a disgrace. MAGA!!!" Mar 17, 18 11:38 PM

Former Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Discusses Drug Addiction During Opioid Task Force Forum

Brad go away and take Hillary with you. Go into the woods and dont come back. Nobody wants to hear what you have to say." Apr 12, 18 9:48 PM

Bender must reimburse the taxpayers of SHT for the special election to fill his seat on the Town board . He should get a real job and stop crying it was not his fault." Apr 13, 18 6:02 PM

Only the strong survive. The weak die young. Natural selection. Makes the herd stronger. Drug addiction is a choice, not a disease or health condition (laughable). Be strong and take care of your family. Be a man, not a weak pathetic junkie. Take pride in yourself. Work hard and raise your children to be strong, law abiding, productive Americans. Protect your family and home with firearms. Be strong and responsible. Live a long and heathy life and collect social security. Never stop working and providing for your loved ones. Family first then country second. " Apr 13, 18 11:26 PM

Bruce: I remain anonymous on this site in order to protect my wife, children and grandchildren, not to protect myself. After 4 years in the military and 30 years in law enforcement in NYC and Miami, I fear no one, much less a junkie and drug dealer. Bender is not a "good guy". He is a bad person. He should stop bloviating and pay back the taxpayers for the cost of his lies when running for Southampton Town councilman. He is a disgrace in so many ways. " Apr 14, 18 11:22 AM

Bender should shut up, get a job, and pay back all the money and expenses for the special election to fill his seat on the Southampton Town Board. Does he have a job or does he just bloviate and cry " Not my fault" ? Bender, take responsibility and get a job. I hear there is an opening at Burger King in Riverhead." Apr 15, 18 3:32 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

Chief1: Please tell me more about this 3 year soap opera. " Apr 19, 18 1:22 PM

NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

WHO is Gershon??? Is he married? Does he have children. Does he have a job? How does he support himself? Bar owner? Where did he get the money? Voting record? Who is this guy? " Oct 13, 18 10:27 AM

PS: Thank you Sitfu for your hilarious comparison of Perry to defense lawyer Gibbons in "My Cousin Vinny". My wife and I are still laughing. The Dems should have gone with one of the three women in the Democratic primary debate. They might have had a chance to defeat Lee, a long shot but a chance. With Perry the chance of winning is nonexistent, none, zip, zero, better odds to win Powerball. " Oct 14, 18 12:49 PM

From "About Perry Gershon for Congress" ( Perry's own website), quote: " After graduating from Yale in 1984 Perry founded one of New York's first sports bars." Perry who financed the bar? Where did the money come from? In your own words you had just graduated from Yale. " Oct 15, 18 10:56 AM

Perry bought the Democratic primary election. The 3 ladies were much more qualified than Perry. I watched the primary debate on SEA TV twice and found Perry to be comical in demeanor and speech. He supported Pelosi for speaker while the others wanted someone new." Oct 15, 18 11:18 AM

Traditionally the party in the Whitehouse loses seats in Congress in the midterm election. Zeldin was vulnerable and could have been defeated for that reason alone. But then the Dems come up with Park Avenue Perry and pull defeat from the jaws of victory. Thank you Dems. Perry is a carpetbagger who has NEVER voted in the first congressional district. Zeldin will win by double digits." Oct 16, 18 3:07 PM

Fore1gnBorn: Thanks for reminding me. I will be more than happy to tell you. First, according to financial reports submitted to the Federal Election Committee, Perry spent $2,128,209.00 on his campaign. The other 5 democratic candidates spent as follows: DiMasi 100G; Henry 9G: Browning 558G; Pechesky 270G; and Fisher 281G. Perry's warchest was spent on TV and newspaper ads, staff, mailings, signs, office space throughout the district, etc. Unfortunately money talks louder than qualifications. Perry was a nobody before the millions were spent. He is not a resident and the least qualified of the six democratic candidates. Looking forward to your reponse Fore1ghBorn. -" Oct 16, 18 3:53 PM

Anna was good looking and a former Southamton Town Board Chairperson. What does Perry bring to the table." Oct 17, 18 9:32 PM

Trump 100% genius. Made America Great Again. A job for everyone willing to work and not looking for " free stuff". You want it ,work for it. Get a job and pay your taxes, social security, and health insurance. America is now the greatest economic engine in the world. King of the mountain, top of the hill. If you can afford a tattoo then get off food stamps and take care of your family. " Oct 18, 18 6:32 PM

Thank you Fred." Oct 18, 18 6:52 PM

Ladies, Do not jog alone. Do not jog at night. Use common sense and logic. Something dems lack." Oct 20, 18 10:49 AM

Foreborn: The truth hurts." Oct 20, 18 11:40 AM

What's Next For Perry Gershon

WHAT'S NEXT FOR PERRY ? Rejoin the circus as a clown. No makeup necessary." Nov 13, 18 2:55 PM

WHAT'S NEXT FOR PERRY? He and Maxine Waters partnership in a wig company called " Before and After".! What fool spends $2,000,000.00 of his own money on a long shot to become a congressman ? DUMB DUMB DUMBEST . " Nov 13, 18 8:00 PM

UPDATE: Opponents Raise Concerns Over Southampton ZBA's Decision To Approve East Quogue Golf Course As Recreational Amenity

cmac: East Quogue is bribed and fooled and the rest of Southampton Town gets polluted water. The developers and their lies will destroy the Hamptons long before climate change. " Nov 16, 18 9:00 AM

Can I now build a putt putt golf and rollercoaster on my property if I only let my family members and friends use the putt putt and coaster ? I promise to limit use and will give Hampton Bays a new swing and money bars." Nov 16, 18 1:02 PM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

The headline is like asking a man if he is still beating his wife, guilty till proven innocent. Teach the kids to read, write and math, stop the BS. The library is trying to justify its existence. Hampton Bays HS should concentrate on academics. " Nov 20, 18 4:23 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts $102.7 Million Budget For 2019 On Tuesday

dfree and Lombardi : You two are right on and keep on with your words of wisdom. Hampton Bays pays to educate the children of the trade parade workers. We should have one school district in the Town of Southampton to even things out." Nov 22, 18 7:04 PM

Community Partners Work Together To Combat Sexual Violence In Hampton Bays

Infoseeker is employed by the HB library in the computer room. " Nov 25, 18 12:45 PM

Criminal behavior can't be stopped by community and library programs. My tax bill indicates I'm paying more for the HB library than the police. Check your tax bill and tell me if I'm wrong. What's going on here? More for library than police?" Nov 25, 18 7:43 PM

Fred s: The kids know" right from wrong". The library and school don't need programs to teach that sexual violence is criminal. Fathers and the police should enforce the law and protect their daughters. " Nov 26, 18 6:47 AM

Fred, Not this father and the fathers I know are not failing. Bureaucrats trying to justify their jobs. We have more BS programs, meetings, civil servants doing nothing, Excessive taxation, regulations, large government,etc, etc, because of people like you. I'll take care of it myself the old fashion way.

" Nov 26, 18 8:37 AM

Fugitive Pleads Guilty 20 Years After Fatal Car Crash In Springs, According To DA's Office

Birds of a feather flock together. Too bad Pantosin didn't burn with the passenger.. Fortunately the drunken criminal didn't kill any innocent American citizens. This happens every day across this country. Build the damn wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dec 20, 18 7:25 PM

There are tens of thousands of fugitives roaming this country every day. We don't have the manpower to find and arrest these dangerous criminals. Please ladies do not jog or go out at night alone. There are sex offenders everywhere. Learn how to use a firearm and carry one on your person. Keep one safely in your home. Criminals are coming across our borders everyday, many are being released early from State and Federal prisons. Be aware of your surroundings. Stay safe. " Dec 20, 18 7:53 PM

Advocacy Groups Promote State Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

Taz: NY license plates are easy to obtain. One way is to buy them at garage/yard sales." Jan 23, 19 1:05 PM

Rayman: I had a similar incident. The illegal alien had no DL, No insurance, and an expired RI license plate. He had made an illegal U turn on Good Ground road into the side of my car. He received 4 tickets and after the SHP left the scene got back into his car and drove away. He did not appear in court . I approached the ADA and asked if he would issue an arrest warrant. He said no arrest warrant, but he would suspend his license. I then reminded the ADA that he didnt have a DL, the ADA laughed and walked away. These illegals are beneath the law. The system is overwhelmed.
" Jan 23, 19 1:25 PM

Foreborn: I have the "Police Accident Report" on my desk . The Driver's name is Hector Hernandez, DOB 12/22/84, 45A Bay Ave.West, Hampton Bays, NY. The car registration plate number is HQ331 registered to David Hilario, 20 Julian Street, Central Falls, RI. Learning the court date is easy: Call traffic court with the police report number and identify yourself. Yes I was present in court on that day and guess who did not appear: Hector Hernandez. At the end of the court session I approached the ADA and asked about the arrest warrant . He replied no warrant but his DL would be suspended. When I reminded him that Hernandez didn't possess a DL , he laughed and walked away. Yes, he did laugh, probably out of frustration knowing that the system is broken." Jan 24, 19 5:43 PM

Why do you refer to my statement as a "story"? " Jan 24, 19 9:30 PM

Foreborn: Give me time to respond. I have a family and a job. I cannot reply as quickly as you. Now, please tell me what is an" undocumented immigrant"?" Jan 25, 19 10:38 AM

Foreborn: What does "undocumented" mean? What documents? Visa, green card, ID, DL ???????????????" Jan 25, 19 5:53 PM

Man Who Left His Friend In A Burning Car In Springs Is Sentenced 20 Years Later

Well said Eliminator. By the grace of God this scum did not head on an innocent driver and his family when he crossed over into the oncoming lane. These criminals sneak into our country and kill and injure American citizens by the thousands every year. They use firearms, machetes, cars, trucks, etc to kill our brave law enforcement officers. Wake up America before its one of your loved ones." Jan 28, 19 7:18 PM

Hey Fred here's a suggestion, move to Canada." Jan 28, 19 7:25 PM

Schneiderman Says Southampton ZBA May Be Too Lenient

I will help you pack the truck. Move to Shirley." Jan 31, 19 11:15 AM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin, Ilhan Omar Trade Barbs Following Subcommittee Appointments

Fred: I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Since Trump has been in office I've made a fortune in the stock market. My business and the economy are booming. Trump has been a GREAT President. He is amazing. Whatever he"s taking I want. He's incredibly energetic and honest. He's doing exactly what he said he would do during the campaign unlike politicians. Losers hate Trump because they want more free stuff. Winners love Trump because he lets us keep the fruits of our labor. My half supports the other half." Feb 1, 19 5:46 PM

Bird we just had the best Jan since 1987. DJIA as of closing today: 25,064. " Feb 1, 19 9:27 PM

Foreborn: Thanks for reminding me. Now as you know I have already given you many details of the accident, you even thanked me for those details. Everything I have related has been true. I did not assume he was an illegal undocumented alien immigrant or whatever you want to call him. I would now add criminal and fugitive to that description , remember he did not show up for court, that makes him a criminal and fugitive and believe me I'm looking for him. Now how did I know he was in the country illegally. He pleaded with me not to call the police. When I did two SHTPD officers responded, one was a male heavy set veteran and the other a young very attractive female rookie. First they spoke to me and I told them what had occurred, then they went to Hector Hernandez and spoke to him. They returned to me and said I was out of luck, Hernandez had no ID, DL, insurance, and that he was an illegal from Mexico. They gave him 5 summons and said he probably would never be seen again and wished me good luck. I asked them to arrest him or at least impound the car. They said that they don' do that and drove away. After they left Hernandez got into his car and drove away, UNBELIEVABLE, he had just gotten a summons for no DL or ins. I have many other indicators that he was an undocumented immigrant, ie; no visa, green card, ID, DL, not even a piece of paper with his name on it. Short of "ILLEGALLY IN THE U.S." stamped on his forehead I don't believe any evidence I present will satisfy you and I do have lots more evidence that Hernandez is undocumented and illegally in the US. I have been trying to track him down and have learned alot more about Hernandez. " Feb 2, 19 2:17 PM

Fred: You call Trump a loser? You have got to be kidding. He is a billionaire, the President of the United States, has a wonderful family, he is physically fit, healthy, energetic, has a gorgeous wife, doesn't smoke or drink, etc. What is your definition of a loser? I have one: Someone who is blinded by hate. " Feb 2, 19 11:36 PM

Fred: If he decides to run in 2020 he will win big. The Democrat candidates look like a circus sideshow, their platform: murder babies, raise taxes, open boarders, free ( actually taxpayer funded) medicare, college, daycare, etc, bankrupt the country, and hate Trump. Trump will win big in 2020 and transform the Supreme Court. So pack your bags and move to Mexico. To say that Trump is a loser is one of the most asinine statements a hater can make. " Feb 3, 19 11:49 AM

Harbor: Yes, you are correct, I did cash in during Obama's reign, so what's the point? Its been a good run for a long time and I think 2019 is going to be a good year, best January in 30 years! But I must add when Obama came in the market had no where to go but up. Trump's GDP +3.5%, unemployment 4%, deregulation, jobs and salaries up, it's the best of times. " Feb 4, 19 7:40 AM

June Bug: These are the best of times. We have computers, smart phones, bull market, 3.5% GDP, and viagra. Good god what else do you want? Pass the wine and let's party. I live in the Hamptons God's country." Feb 4, 19 12:17 PM

Junebug you stated that the best of times were post WWII. Really? Remember the Korean War June 1950-July 1953 ? 36,568 American military killed and 103,284 wounded. Do you remember the COLD WAR with Russia and the Berlin Blockade 1948- 1949. Do you remember the scourge of polio and the iron lung, measles, cancer, promoting tobacco produts, etc. Do you remember school children hiding under their desks and in the hallways during air raid drills? I could go on but I think I have reeducated you. Junebug learn you history please. " Feb 5, 19 9:03 AM

Stacy Abrams is heavily in debt, 54G to IRS, 56G credit card and 90G student loans. She is 45 years old without a spouse and no children. She blames her debt on her gender and race. She has no family to support. She is an undisciplined disgrace who the dems selected to preach to hard working American men and women with children to support and educate. She had a high paying job as an attorney and choose not to pay her debts. She is irresponsible and undisciplined in so many ways, pathetic disgrace." Feb 7, 19 8:02 AM

Highhat(3871) and Fred (1947) took you guys 5 mins to respond to my post. Thank you I can always depend on you guys and foreborn (5419) for a typical liberal response in minutes. What does this say about you three ? " Feb 7, 19 8:43 AM

democrat party: The party of black face and rape; the party of killing babies outside the mother's womb, the party of taxation and control, the party of free stuff and losers, the party of open boarders and socialism." Feb 12, 19 7:57 AM

democrat party: The party of black face and rape; the party of killing babies outside the mother's womb, the party of taxation and control, the party of free stuff and losers, the party of open boarders and socialism." Feb 12, 19 7:57 AM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

Right on icecreamman, no DL, no insurance, IMPOUND the vehicle. At least 20% of the drivers in Suffork County don't have a valid DL and/or current insurance. Start with a checkpoint for the landscaping and construction trucks and have Rapid Recovery ready to tow the vehicles to an impound lot." Feb 21, 19 2:24 PM

Ditch Bum: Jesse Smollet: Just another democrat doing what dems do best: Lie, rape, steal, sleep late, no job, lazy, blacface, cry and ask for "free" stuff. Jesse you"re gonna do some federal time you moron. No more cushy job, no more money, no more expensive apartment, no more freedom. Good job Jesse." Feb 21, 19 2:32 PM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and here comes Fred. Fred, I want to live a long and prosperous life in order to help my spouse, 4 children and 6 grandchildren. I love to work and make money, eat, sleep, run, workout, drink Budweiser and have sex. I want to live as long as I am healthy enough to enjoy life as much as I do. Can't wait for the spring and hit the beautiful South shore Long Island beaches from WHB to Montauk. Life is great so take care of yourself in order to enjoy it. No drugs except for viagra. " Feb 25, 19 2:04 PM

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