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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

I find it interesting that everyone seems to forget the real reason EX Coach Marienfeld was released from his coaching job. That reason being, plain and simple, that he violated the privacy of the students/team members. Besides the fact that he also does not know the meaning of the word "coach"....instructor, teacher, advisor, mentor. A coach doesn't humilate, demean and have favorites. A coach should be an exemplary role model who encourages and teaches. He should be held up as a representative of the school he is employed by. That certainly doesn't include screaming foul language at his charges for all to hear, especially by opposing teams and comunnities. Too bad so many are jumping to conclusions about these boys not knowing them or the circumstances that took place. These are not boys who are trouble-makers or bad students. They were team players not allowed to play on a team. Doesn't sound like good coaching to me. Everyone had high hopes when Mr. Marienfeld was hired as the coach and his demise is his fault and his alone. He should be a man and admit his shortcomings as a leader rather then be the childish one by blaming it on teenagers. And I'm sure, as usual, the press did not report all the facts and, therefore, made it out to look as if the parents are solely responsible for Mr. Marienfeld loosing his position. That's what sells papers. Odd how the truth is so important for everyone to know but no one takes the time to find it." Feb 1, 09 10:34 AM

Once again I reiterate.....the REAL reason he was dismissed is being ignored. He was dismissed from the coaching position because he violated the privacy of 2 students! That is simple to understand and it is being buried under certain peoples opinions about Mr. Marienfeld as a person. He is a nice person and no one is disputing that. This is about a violation of privacy plain and simple. It's not about any ones lack of grammatical skills, it's not about Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and it's certainly not about the parents pursuing the media. It was just the opposite. He violated a promise he made and was punished for it. What's so hard to understand about that? " Feb 2, 09 1:01 PM

Anyone who knows anything about being in education education knows that you do not name names. Would you like your finances talked about in the media by a bank employee? It's the same thing. Here's more food for thought...did it ever occur to you that some kids have to work during the summer? Or that maybe they play other sports as well? Pierson is not turning out NBA material so since when is it so important that every bit of energy has to be put into basketball? As I said before he VIOLATED the privacy of those kids regardless of anything else and that's the bottom line and that's why he was dismissed. I'm not getting into a spitting match with mental midgets. My point is made and it's obviously the one the administration agrees with." Feb 2, 09 1:58 PM