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Store Clerk Charged With Selling Alcohol To Minor In Westhampton Beach

So turn a blind eye to an older individual and basically discriminate against those who are "younger" clerks.......come on......what's fair is fair
" Oct 24, 13 6:42 PM

UPDATE: Nuzzi Concedes Race To Schneiderman

bye bye Nuzzi!" Nov 6, 13 8:36 AM

Southampton Football Game Forfeited In Response To Sexually Explicit Act

Police should be involved, the SHS school district handles a lot of things behind closed doors.... that is why things like this get out of hand and kids continue to get away with inappropriate behavior........school administration are enabling these kids and don't even realize it........." Nov 8, 13 7:29 AM

Oddone Conviction Overturned By Highest Court, New Trial Possible In 2008 Killing

Unreal that the victims family has to relive this all over again....the justice system is all for the criminals, I hope in the end he remains behind bars!!! My thoughts go out to the Reister family......." Dec 12, 13 7:06 PM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

I bet the Reister family would like to have there husband, father, brother and son home for the holidays.....oh wait they can't thanks to Oddone's actions......unreal!
" Dec 23, 13 2:13 PM

UPDATE: Police ID Pair Charged With Stealing Fire Chief Car

police and fire are exempt from the "no idle" signs
" Jan 27, 14 4:56 AM

Despite Rumors, Southampton Village Justice Court To Remain Open

This story is on page 2 of the actual paper...hardly buried
" Jan 31, 14 11:58 AM

I found it online without a problem..I'm sure others did as well......maybe those who did find it didn't feel it was necessary to comment. Further, your assumptions about me and predictions on how others may have commented have no merit and are merely just that assumptions, as you do not know me..on another note I do not know why your original comment was removed as it was your opinion on the article, it was not inappropriate at all IMO. Have a nice day icecreamman" Feb 4, 14 7:26 AM

Sag Harbor Dive Team Saves Dog's Life

Great job by our volunteers!!!! Glad Morgan is going to be ok
" Feb 10, 14 6:39 PM

Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance Hopes To Build $5.5 Million Headquarters

Lets get this done for our volunteers, they do a great job every day!!!! It is long overdue!!
" Aug 15, 14 5:11 PM

Westhampton Beach Offers Police Chief Job To Wilson; Rescinds Offer Six Days Later

They already screwed it up and most likely had influence from within the department. When people see change, good or bad you would be amazed at the lack of maturity and class one exhibits. At the next Village Board Meeting giant pacifiers should be handed out and a giant sign should read Welcome to the Puppet Show! Hopefully, the Board will at the very least continue to look for someone from the outside to lead the PD. Puppets!!!! " Dec 8, 14 9:11 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

You made a decision to make Gonce the Chief of Police, let him do his job and run the department without being undermined by a Commissioner. Waste of money" Feb 7, 15 7:51 AM

UPDATE: Services Set For Hampton Bays Paramedic Ralph Oswald

Thoughts and prayers to this gentleman's family.........thank you for your dedication and service to the community " Feb 11, 15 7:24 AM

Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

I firmly believe Chief Gonce will prevail.....he is the right person to lead the department and has an opportunity to make that department a better place. Good Luck Chief, you will pass the test the next time..no doubt in my mind. Keep doing a great job. " Jun 27, 15 11:38 AM

UPDATE: Saige Pfeffer, 2, Pronounced Dead After Being Pulled From Westhampton Beach Swimming Pool

We wouldn't know how the 2 ear old is doing because the press never updates the story...........It has said update for 3 different day now and its the same story.........typical media
" Sep 5, 15 1:00 PM

two year old I meant......sorry for typo
" Sep 5, 15 1:01 PM

Former Hockey Player Sean Avery Arrested In Southampton Last Week

HE is and always will be a ZERO" Oct 7, 15 12:07 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

Araskog has embellished every part of this lawsuit. I've been going down to that beach since I was a little kid. I was down there many times this past summer, I have seen her and her husband with there vehicles on the beach along with over 30 surf vehicles. Those surf instructors are down there giving lessons the plaintiff and her family and friends. I guess if she wins the surf instructors won't be permitted down there either. The locals who go down to the beach on Sunday's are respectful, courteous and leave the beach the way they found it. CLEAN. I see people down there with there families enjoying the beatiful place where we all live. I also see the police enforcing the village code, assisting people who get stuck and issuing tickets through the day on and off the beach. You will never please these people, it is all about them and what they want. I hope the parties being sued fight this and not give in to the greed. We work hard and look forward to our summers. " Oct 26, 15 2:16 PM

Protesters March In East Hampton Demanding End To Deer Sterilization Program

I think everyone who has hit a deer and has had significant damage to their vehicles should send the high repair bills to the Wildlife President, maybe he will see things from a different perspective!" Nov 15, 15 11:27 AM

Southampton Publick House Owner At Crossroads, But Sees Opportunity For Growth At New Spot

Great article....please stay in the Village!!!!!
" Nov 27, 15 5:52 PM

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