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Southampton High School Seniors May Have Been Ticketed Wrongly

wow........after a busy holiday weekend, this is news???? Really? This article is laughable
" Jun 1, 16 6:44 PM

Unprofessional huh? I was one of the parents stuck in what you call "Roadblock". One officer informed me they were conducting a traffic safety checkpoint based on complainants of parents that kids were driving to school without the proper licenses. Instead of bashing SVPD you should be thanking them for keeping everyone safe. If one of those kids who shouldn't be driving to school gets into an accident and hurts someone badly.........you can pretty much say goodbye to everything you own.......This country has a "let's sue everyone" mentality. You all should be more focused on what is going on in that high school.......the custodians aren't the only one's sweeping, school administrators, based on previous reports in the press have bigger issues then students and staff getting ticketed by the police. Focus on that.........not the SVPD. Thank you SVPD or keeping our community safe" Jun 2, 16 7:26 AM

Beach Drivers Argue Against Proposed Limits At Picnic Area; Hearing Left Open

The Village officials should seriously reconsidered putting a limit the number of vehicles, let the homeowner sue..do not try and compromise...let it play out in court and leave things at the 'Picnic Area" the way it has been for well over 6 decades...do not give in to the wealthy at the expense of the year round residents, we work to hard ALL YEAR LONG!!!!! " Jun 15, 16 6:05 PM

SABA needs to do own environmental study as to all the huge houses being built down on Meadow Lane and how that is affecting the dunes!!!! We have been driving on for decades and the beach is still there........Environmental study is going to be the Mayor's way of taking the blame off of himself and the Board when they decide to limit the vehicles.......which it already seems the decision is made and they are just waiting for this "environmental study" to be complete . I honestly don't think they care about what the community is saying at these meetings. Mayor and the rest of the village board have made up there minds....they are selling us out for the wealthy...Mayor and village board clearly have no backbone " Jun 20, 16 8:53 AM

Southampton Town Officials Meet At Triton Lane To Discuss Opening Second Ocean Beach-Driving Area

SABA is a great group of locals who are trying to do the very best for the community they live in.....oh and 500 vehicles, the attorney for the homeowner is grossly exaggerating her so called facts. Open up more access!" Jul 13, 16 4:59 AM

SABA is a great group of locals who are trying to do the very best for the community they live in.....oh and 500 vehicles, the attorney for the homeowner is grossly exaggerating her so called facts. Open up more access!" Jul 13, 16 4:59 AM

Southampton Village Board Nears Vote On Picnic Area Driving Limit

July 3rd was beautiful out and it was a holiday weekend, all of the other weekends the number of vehicles on the beach was way under........this lawsuit is frivolous.....leave the beach the way it has been for decades..." Jul 13, 16 6:24 PM

New Business Park Continues To Take Shape In Westhampton

Are these the same developers that are supposedly building the condos in Hampton Bays where Tiderunners use to be? 3 summers have gone by and now the Hampton Bays community has two delapitated buildings to look at year round. If these are the same developers "way to go guys" Tiderunners was a
Great spot for everyone to gather......." Aug 26, 16 9:50 PM

Southampton Village Hosts First Hamptons Marathon

The race co-founders should not put a price tag on the safety of the runners and emergency personnel used for the marathon. Given the current climate of the world right now and the recent bombings that took place in Jersey (in a resort community) during a 5k run to benefit the military I for one was happy to see all the EMS, Police and Fire along the route keeping us safe. Rather be safe than sorry and would rather have our men and women working that day have whatever they need to keep all of us safe. We do not live in a bubble here on the east end. Thank you to our Village Police, Southampton Ambulance and the Southampton Fire Department for a job well done!!!! " Oct 5, 16 12:33 PM

Judge Dismisses 'Truck Beach' Lawsuit, Denies Amagansett Homeowners' Claims Of Ownership

Great news for "truck beach" and all those who have enjoyed it for decades!!!! Next up Southampton Village, this decision sets precedent....public access for all!" Nov 17, 16 11:38 AM

Southampton Village Resident Asks Board Members To Slow Cars On Hill Street

Enforcement is not the problem, I travel Hill Street every morning and I always see a police car, mainly an SUV with someone pulled over.......The police are doing there job, just ask those who get tickets!
" Nov 19, 17 8:05 AM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

Dyno is a weak leader, doesn’t stand up for anything or anyone. Just does what is quick and easy so their is no confrontation. The administration, under his leadership, of that is what you want to call it, sweeps anythjng and everything under the rug. I’m the long run the school board and Dyno himself are doing way more harm than good for these kids. Wait until the kids get out into the real world!" Feb 16, 18 6:53 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

Not sure where Jay Schneiderman and Mr. Neely where but Southampton town and Southampton Village were gridlocked for the evening commute. Piss poor planning, no one could move, it was at a complete standstill. The officers couldn't even direct traffic because there was no where to go!!! The Town Chief needs to figure this out quick and Mr. Neely should be replaced!!! " Jun 12, 18 7:34 AM

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