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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

a couple of things:

EARWARTS, what is the violation of privacy your are talking about here? are you talking about the childrens names being printed in the paper? if thats what your so worried about then the parents should not have spoken to paper in the first place. and isnt it a violation of freds privacy to be videotaped without his consent and then it used against him?

all fred was trying to do was what he loved, which was coach. yes he practices tough LOVE, but it is still love, any other coach who is not as passionate is not doing their jobs. he is not only a coach but also a father a husband a brother and an uncle, so for anyone to be speaking about him in such a negative way is childish and sets an even worse example than has already been set by administration and parents. " Feb 2, 09 9:38 PM