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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

I cannot believe what is written here. Do you people really think that the admin for Sag Harbor just fired Marienfeld because of one incidence? Your all crazy. His complaint folder is full and thats what it is all about. The senior that quit put up with this man for years, and finally said I do not need this anymore, I am a good person, I do my school work, I keep my grades up, and I am not going to take it anymore, unlike the player who was required to make up around 30 homeworks to even qualify to play, and was able to play, and yes this senior played other sports and it was during the summer, when football practice is two times a day, this summer basketball was not mandatory, the football practice was. And yes I am sure that kids had jobs and were able to get to those practices, but jobs, football practice and summer basketball, now that would be a feat by any child. Please stop and get the facts straight. Bottom Line Marienfeld was wrong and that is it. He paid the consequences of his actions. Sad thing is he still has a job, with children." Feb 2, 09 8:25 PM

Don't any of you ask yourselves, why would I write something bad about someone you do not know. If you all had the facts you would understand that this was handle very well, isn't coaching about being a mentor not a tormentor, its about teaching the kids the love of the game, the rules, and respect for each other and for their coach. If you continue to harass and belittle kids, what are you saying to them as a coach. There is a young man at Pierson who coaches, middle school athletics, both boys and girls, and brings the best out in those children, and there is no yelling, no belittling, just teaching and mentoring, he seems to be able to come away with more winning games than losing, and he has the utmost respect from the kids and he in turn respects them. That's what coaching is about. Not heat of the moment tongue lashings, not putting kids down, they are there to build esteem not knock it down. For gods sake look and see it for what it is. Blogging on here putting each other down because of their opinions is to much. A wise man once said "Big minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about things, small minds talk about people." In saying that I will be done here." Feb 3, 09 2:19 PM

excuse me if I got the saying wrong, but it conveyed what it was supposed to, Well there you go a woman said it. Go figure. I am not anti-marienfeld, I just believe that there are much better and more productive ways to coach than his. When it comes to kids, you must tread lightly, and he did not. The answer to the question from pierson.alumni, anyone who takes a job in the school setting must sign a privacy contract saying that they will not repeat or disclose any information about a child who attends said school. None of you know exactly what happened, none of you have talked to either one of these young men, so why so quick to say they are whiners, the senior who quit talked to his teammates before quitting, you all don't know the facts that is the bottom line. If any of you have a problem with what was done, talk to the administrators. " Feb 3, 09 3:47 PM

Whalers Take Two Of Three From Port Jeff

Its a shame you can't seem to be able to put anything about the Lady Whalers Softball team, when they seem to be knocking out oppenants left and right. These girls are among the best in League VII. " Apr 15, 11 10:40 AM