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3 Comments by roman

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

It's really sad that most of all you Fred supports are worried about other peoples grammer. When in fact all you are trying to do is take the focus off of what Fred is all about. Maybe you should take the time and go to the Pierson web site and read the Athletic Code of Conduct. It is not only for the students but for the coaches as well. Respect and dignity are very important and Fred knows nothing about these two words. I go to all the PIerson games and watch the other coaches coach when in fact all Fred does is yell..An example
fo this would be the Pierson Bridghampton game. When Bridghamton was down by 2 (with 15 seconds to go) thier coach called a time out, took out his board and showed the kids a a play. The kids ran the play got the basket and sent the game to over time. Then in over time Pierson had the same senerio (15 seconds and down a basket). There was no time out. No play called. No basket. We all had to sit there and watch Fred scream at the top of his lungs
Just Shoot it!!! over and over. Is that what you call quality coaching. " Feb 2, 09 5:13 PM

Had to add one last comment. Just wondering when in past history has the adminstration dismissed a coach or teacher to accomodate whining parents? Isn't it great to have two new administators who put children before teachers, after all the teachers are here for the students not the oppostie?" Feb 2, 09 5:43 PM

Ambulance officials tell Health Department of concerns about Hamptons Rehab Center

I Know first hand the place is a disgrace. They killed an elderly family member of mine, shortly after it opened. Our MD stated we could have brought charges against the faclility but did not. As that would not bring our family member back, However our MD filed a formal complaint against the Hampton Center and it was investigated. If another family member of mine would have to go in to a Care Center I would take the drive to Center Moriches and go to Cedar Lodge." Feb 3, 09 8:00 PM