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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

The man has fired and is publicly being tried without jury. Yet this does not satisfy some. Both sides have not handled this very well.If Mr Marienfeld 's conduct previous to this incident was a problem what was he still doing there? Is someone asleep at the wheel? This seems to be a case of an eye for an eye but no one is happy. Sports teams should be transparent you get out of it what you put in. Players and coaches are joined together for several weeks to form a cohesive group that are able to work together, sometimes they get along sometimes they don't. To reach the point where we are now is an embarassment to the school and community. This matter should have been dealt with behind closed doors or at best after the season. Both parties have lost badly here and the adminstration has left itself exposed. " Feb 2, 09 9:27 PM