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One Man's Big Idea: A Series Of Connected Bike Paths, Including A Bridge And Special Ferries

This is an awesome idea I have frequently day dreamed about. There are many places around our country who have these types of paths and the community benefits from it greatly. We don't need another park (good ground, Mose lane) we need to focus our resources on a project like this with broader and more lasting results. " May 27, 18 11:26 AM

Silver's Restaurant Is Going To Stay In The Family After All

Congratulations Ryan! Tough decision, but a rewarding career.
" Oct 4, 18 9:46 AM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

As business owners we need to take some responsibility here and stop waiting for town hall to fix everything. We need fresh ideas and interesting attractions. I agree making Jobs lane a no car zone over the summer would be a great thing to try. THATS exactly what I am talking about. The market is always changing with the consumer. If you stay stead fast to the old ways you will go out of business. News Flash: Brick and Mortar CAN compete with the internet- that why amazon opened physical locations. How can we compete with internet you ask? Shopping Experience! The internet can't make you feel valued. Its heartless. The mom and pop can. If we work together to give the consumer a better shopping experience they will come to SH. Think of it like a hotel. Would you rather stay at the seedy Motel 6, or the Ritz Carlton. A room is a room, whats the difference. The difference is the level of personal attention. I hear some merchants struggling, but I see old dirty out dated stores with very little customer interaction. Think different my friends because thats what its going to take.
" Jan 20, 19 10:35 AM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

Three key positive points for legalization of cannabis:
Decrease in legal expenses both personal and tax dollars for a non violent act that harms no one.
Decrease in arresting minorities and the lifelong impact from an arrest record.
Increase in awareness (MANY people use regularly currently) and options for treatment.
I can go on and on.
History has proven that legal consequence DOES NOT reduce drug use. Lets try treatment instead of ruining lives though the legal system.
" Feb 25, 19 1:47 PM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

First off we have some of the cleanest beaches in the country thanks to the endless work of many great people. Second, there is traffic EVERYWHERE its call population increase. Third that increase population needs someplace to live (or vacation). Why do I hear this mantra that contributing to the defecation of the areas beauty is ok, because someone else did it first. Grow up, pick up a trash bag and help keep YOUR community beautiful.
" May 28, 19 5:01 PM

Southampton High School Students Become First In World To Raise Species Of Goby In Marine Lab

What an exceptional program! Good job all! Keep up the cool work.
" Jun 14, 19 8:59 PM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

A village wide ban on surfing is RIDICULOUS! I understand the safety concerns, so establish designated "swimming only" areas. To create such a ban that hurts so many people is simply asinine. This should be heavily protested. I will support the protest any way I can. " Aug 18, 19 1:41 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Says Courtyard Owner Deliberately Destroyed Property

Good Luck Jesse! The landlord should be held accountable for the condition of their property. It is extremely childish for him to destroy his land, then refuse to fix it because he didn't get his way. Being wealthy isn't an excuse for poor behavior. I hope the village fights this with everything they have to set an example for future landlords. " Aug 29, 19 8:30 AM

Press Session In Southampton On Friday To Focus On Affordable Housing

Why would they want the working peoples input? This is about looking important, and busy. You can't do that if people are disagreeing with you.
" Oct 2, 19 2:21 PM

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