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Beachgoers Rail Against Napeague Lawsuit

The town board needs to grow a backbone. Is there a way to see if any of our political mavens have received political contributions from these wealthy beach front property owners? It is very telling that the town board has made very little noise about the RAPE of Napeague. In fact at the very least Wilkerson should have commented about this suit months ago! This truly sounds like a WHITEWASH. They have left our trustees...hanging in the wind." Apr 8, 11 1:47 AM

Great mantra IT'S THE BEACHES STUPID! Are we the only people who realize the economic impact that PRIVATIZING OUR BEACHES WILL HAVE on everyone. The merchants in this town need a kick in the BASS....fishermen from here and away contribute millions to our economy ....buying gas, renting houses to fish here weeks at a time , bringing their families who spend like maniacs in local restaurants and shops. That WLIKINSON and his merry bunch of DO NOTHING TAKE NO ACTION BOARD....could not simply nudge the local enforcement agencies ...cops,marine police...etc...to enforce the laws better,so we could of avoided this whole mess...shows very poor leadership!!! THE TOWN BOARD just tripped all over themselves to help beach front property owners when the raging surf was coming up to their living room windows recently...but the heck with the rest of us...RIGHT!! NO very wrong! AND WE SURFERS TOO, ,ARE GETTING SLAPPED....COME ON "SURFRIDERS" get into the FRAY." Apr 8, 11 1:55 PM

We should call SABA..great idea. Now there is a rumor that Georgica beach in EH has been challenged....that's only miles away from SAG and MECOX in SH. We should be working together...a threat to our beach is a threat to theirs!And, we should ask Fred Thiele to help out....there's a masterful politician who knows how to get things done and believes in the rights of we common folk to have foot and vehicle access. If we don't ask...you know the squeaky Wheel. Time to put action behind our words!" Apr 9, 11 12:13 PM

First,this is not about making trouble for any particular political party. This is a grass roots uprising sponsored by the general beach going public who are greatly alarmed that the TOWN BOARD has not commented once about this issue,nor have they informed their constituents by discussing this lawsuit in a formidable town hall meeting! CAN you spell W-H-I-T-E W-A-S-H ?" Apr 10, 11 10:27 AM

ConnWATCHER... good point...IT's so true that the republicans control the BOARD and all they have to do is well, protect the generations of beach goers who have enjoyed the freedom of beach access...and they will remain in power! I'm a staunch republican...and I'm embarrassed by the BOARD's refusal to tell the elitists that the town will SIMPLY ENFORCE THE POLICING OF THE BEACHES BETTER...as long as they drop the suit. DON'T turn this into a politically motivated issue...LIAR...LIAR..PANTS ON FIRE!!!!" Apr 10, 11 10:53 AM

NOPE..this is not a republican,deomocrat,or independent issue...this is lay blame where it belongs..and that is the people who are presently in charge! I think the trustees are doing a good job and they are mostly republicans. But the BOARD is RUN BY R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n-s and they are not being responsive or even vocal about this issue. If the Supervisor was a democrat , WE'd all be asking him the same question. YOU guys are great spin artists." Apr 11, 11 8:17 PM

Your screen name really seems to reflect your disposition...only you should change your spelling to CONWATCHER...obviously you are a republican put up job. And,trying to CON us into believing that laying the blame on the exact people who are presently in charge,is somehow politically motivated...is a C-o-n-j-o-b !!! You are either very gullible or deliberately putting a spin on the situation. Either way Con-job your agenda is transparent." Apr 11, 11 8:30 PM

First the"WE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU...because we have the TOWN BOARD IN OUR POCKETS BUNCH" said they brought this suit due to their request for better law enforcement at "THEIR" beach being IGNORED. THE town could easily hire or require a full time police presence at this beach ...and that's a solution that we could all live with! But this has never been about beach driving..."THEY" find our presence, in general to be AESTHETICALLY displeasing !!! TO THEM...we are the RIFFRAFF...not worthy enough to be allowed to enjoy a family outing at a public beach. LETS NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!" Apr 15, 11 10:43 AM

"CON-JOB"....this all started because your ELITIST friends claimed that the vehicle drivers were bringing dogs on the beach to close for comfort,making too many fires, unsafely,driving too fast, making too much noise,not watching their kids properly,etc....the only thing that they didn't bitch about was "OVER WEIGHT bathers!" A dedicated police force...glued to the spot would greatly reduce all of the alleged problems. And signage could be put up asking for orderly behavior and spelling out the rules...showing fines etc. Drivers could be asked to park their vehicles in a special formation and to try and drive in a dedicated track. This is a far better solution then destroying our tustees' authority...ruining our traditions...making it impossible for the disabled and the frail to access the beach...and wrecking our economy when tourists are turned away from our beaches. CON-JOB...I'm a REPUBLICAN ...but this is not a PARTISAN issue...it's a GET RID OF THE POLITICAL LOSERS WHO MIGHT BE DUMB ENOUGH TO LOSE OUR BEACHES...during THEIR WATCH, ISSUE." Apr 15, 11 9:27 PM

Yes, they do lack intelligence CON-JOB....if they had any leadership skills they would have headed off this law suit by convincing the property owners to allow the town to ramp up the policing of the beach. Everyone would have been happy. This would never happen in South Hampton, our town board will be voted out in the next election,for not fighting hard enough to keep this horrible precedent from being set. But what do you expect, didn't the STAR report that 25% of the republican party's local campaign funds in the last quarter of 2010, come from someone who was bringing this suit ? " Apr 18, 11 9:50 PM

Parties Spar Over Beach Lawsuit

LONG LIVE FOOT AND VEHICLE BEACH ACCESS...OUR NEW SLOGAN..."If "THEY" don't promote, "REMOVE THEM" with "YOUR" V-O-T-E!!!!" Apr 19, 11 1:41 PM

Beachgoers Must Now 'Await The Decision Of The Courts'

Boardwatcher....... the town BOARD knew about the details of this case since September 2009....yet the public was not informed about this, nor was there a public statement made by this board until just a month or so ago. This issue was headed for underneath the rug....until organizations like Montauk surfcasters and Cfar had the courage to to VOCALLY bring this issue under the limelight. But what should we expect when one of the major litigants contributed 25% of the local REPUBLICAN party's campaign funds in the last quarter of 2010?? Give us a break with your party propaganda....BORED WATCHER...your clueless!" May 2, 11 9:20 PM