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UPDATE: Sunrise Highway Reopened Following Garbage Truck Fire

The Garbage caught on fire, it has to be spread out to wet down all the hot spots and the cab of the truck caught on fire as well. Thank you to all the fire fighters who took the four hours out of there day to put this fire out and get the mess cleaned up" Apr 20, 15 9:00 AM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

No Thanks" May 18, 15 2:47 PM

We don't need another pin head on the board
" May 18, 15 2:50 PM

Eight Arrested By East End DWI Task Force Saturday

Unconstitutional until someone in your family is killed by a drunk driver . " May 27, 15 9:57 PM

After Fire, World Pie In Bridgehampton To Be Closed Until At Least Mid-June

Thank you to the Volunters who took there time to respond and leave there families on Memorial Day weekend " May 27, 15 9:59 PM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

Congratulations to the Republican Party" May 29, 15 3:47 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Woman Tells Police She Confronted O'Neal Before Assault

He is employed as a delivery man for the PRESS, who hires your employees " Jun 4, 15 1:14 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

thanks justme for your whopping, comments. did you just make your screen name for your vindictive comments for your well behave children" Sep 22, 15 1:57 PM

Oh hamptonwaterbaby, shall we look into your past or shall we hide behind our name. for you 2 comments " Sep 22, 15 2:01 PM

It is nice to see MOUTHAMPTON still exists. I pay taxes like everyone else does. Jump off your high horses. The AP did nothing wrong, she is an excellent AP and goes beyond her reach for your children. " Sep 22, 15 2:05 PM

Truth stinks Mr. Brand, " Sep 25, 15 5:07 PM

UPDATE: Rapper's Manager Disputes Claim That Assistant Principal Heard Song For Music Video

She might want to change her philosophy for High School students and teachers. It is my belief that position should have been announced. We have many staff members that would have been better qualified. " Oct 13, 15 3:31 PM

Bender Says He Was Not Aware That Pills Were Being Re-Sold; Board Sets Special Election For January 26

It makes sense now why the board would not let the Southampton Town police department participate in the east end drug task force. Mr. Benders complete and udder hatred for Chief Wilson.
Bender you sound like and idiot, I didn't know. You got caught." Nov 30, 15 3:43 PM

You are correct June bug, seriously poor spelling on my part. However, he is still a drug dealer. " Dec 1, 15 8:53 AM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

Just FOIL the report, we paid for the investigation.." Apr 22, 16 8:38 AM

East Hampton Attorney's Law License Is Suspended Over Failure To Pay Taxes

Hmmm. How much does the Reverand Al Sharpton owe... Wow double standard" Jul 30, 16 1:23 PM

Driver Flips Jeep In Southampton Village Friday

Glad he is okay.." Aug 7, 16 9:57 PM

Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

Coach West is a great mentor, good man, and a great role model for the student athletes. I would like to know how anyone knew what was in the bag. It wasn't tested by any law enforcement officer that I am aware of. Did the Superintendent or the Athletic director test it. I guess we just ASS U ME it was a drug and just Suspend a great Coach. Shame on the board." Aug 31, 16 6:42 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Police Union Bosses Call For Police Chief Hire From Within Department

Make Kiernan and they all can do drugs and ignore it. Kiernan had a responsibility to that police officer and he ignored it. Kiernan had a responsibility to the community and ignored it, then the jackass board promote him. Cut the cord and come in clean and fresh. " Sep 13, 16 6:38 PM

'Toxic' Relationship With Parents Forces Virginia McGovern To Step Down As Southampton Varsity Softball Head Coach

Shame on the parents...Helicopter parents.... Unfortunately the children lose in this situation..." Apr 15, 17 2:49 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

This guy is an idiot. I had the opportunity to speak with him a y'all he could talk about is how they do it in Nassau. It's not Nassau you ass..." Aug 9, 17 9:26 PM

Southampton Town Issues More Than 200 Code Violations For Illegal Rentals In Hampton Bays During Housing Crackdown

Missed a few, Corrigans garage in watermill is over crowded with multiple families living above thr garage very dangerous for the occupants, and running illegal business out of the back..." Oct 15, 17 10:26 PM

Parents React To Southampton High School Proposed Curriculum Changes

What happen to reaching for the stars. " Jan 29, 18 12:12 PM

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