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Plans Progress For East End GLBT Community Center

It's a waste of $1 million. We don't need a seperate "safe space," we need to make GLT kids feel safe in school. How many GLBT kids do we have out here? Not more than 10 at East Hampton High School. The million dollars could be put to better use educating kids in our schools than lining the pockets of some up-island group. A total waste and sham." Dec 7, 12 7:39 AM

East Hampton Village Sues Service Station Restaurant Over Patio

Give them a break. It hurts no one, it's been going on for decades, literally, it's an affordable restaurant with good food. It should be grandfathered. Didn't the ZBA make them take away parking spaces already? These are local owners." Aug 10, 17 8:33 AM

Serial Vandal Defaces East Hampton Airport Sign For Third Time

V for Vendetta, the movie about taking over the government...
" Aug 12, 19 3:59 PM