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A Fine Line
Commentary by Cailin Brophy,
Sports Editor, The Southampton Press

No one here has mentioned "coach/AD" Madsen who has left a wake of disaster at Rocky Point. Just ask him about the girls hoop program at the Point. He is the bully here and is looking to make a name for himself. So many couldn't stand him at the Point that they helped him pack up and paid for his moving bill!! " Feb 5, 09 10:12 AM

Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

As one who has coached against Marienfeld, I can objectivly say that his teams were always prepared and for the most part displayed good sportsmanship. The problem here seems to stem from the sense of entitlement which these two players (as well as their parents) in which they sought out retribution due to thier own actions. ie., quiting and not being named captain. The biggest issues that I see are 1) The AD and Superintendent not standing up to bickering parents. 2) The message that is clear which states "no matter what I do...mom and dad will fix it. Many kids today think that playing time is a given, look at the school's which have traditions of sectional and state championships. Everyone which includes players, parents, coaches, administrators are on the same page." Feb 10, 09 12:24 PM