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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

With each new generation the tweens and teens are becoming more and more empowered than the generation prior, yet the rules and general practice around accountability of a minor's actions simply cannot keep up with the rate of change. Young kids should not be given the privilege to complain like adults about the results of their own laziness. If you don’t work hard you don't get to play hard - PERIOD. If it takes you until the age of 15,16 or 17 to figure this out, then I'm afraid Mommy and Daddy may have forgotten to parent you along the way. If you're going to be a slack-a$$ and try to get ahead without hard work, but instead by leveraging the voice of your parents, then you deserve to be called out on it. I think the coach in this story (yes I have met him a few times, and can speak to his character) had every right to defend himself and this resulting in him being removed from this position is absurd. The "high-school, pack mentality" of a few parents putting peer pressure on the administration to remove him from this position ... WHAT?!?! Shame on pretty much everyone except the coach in question, and great example for the kids by the way. As far as the students' privacy being violated? Come one now…in communities this small everyone already knows if you’re a good kid or a lackey…heck, everyone knows the last time you went to the bathroom!!! Saying they were violated because their names got dropped in the paper as minors? That's your own damn fault mom and dad. Let them taste a little humble pie…might help them grow up a little before they become pledge victims at the Ivy league school you intend to send them to. Coaching, teaching, and encouraging hard work for one's reward (Marienfeld) is what needs to be salvaged here; for the sake of our children and DEFINITELY for the sake of our country's future…ok...done clogging up the net." Feb 5, 09 2:56 PM