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Marienfeld fired as Pierson hoops coach

Mr. Hartley should understand the rules of Section XI before posting. A coach does not decide what league his/her team will compete in. Each year every school district in NYS submits a BEDS form stating the district population. Section XI then places teams in leagues based on the school's size. Pierson was in league VII when the enrollment swelled a few years back. Now Pierson is back in league VIII due to a decrease in enrollment. Section XI counts only the student in 9,10, and 11 grade to determine enrollment size. One can always go to Section XI 's website to to see where Pierson falls in size to all of Suffolk County. By the way Pierson's enrollment per the BEDS form this year is 198 (Thousand students?????) which is just 6 students above a Class D. Currently there are 158 schools in Class C. Pierson is the sixth SMALLEST school in Class C. Therefore, Pierson competes against schools its size, just like every other school in NYS. " Feb 5, 09 8:54 PM