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Going To Bat For Meehan

Reading these comments amazes me. People are up in arms because parents complained about a coach. Veiled insults towards the parents involved and their children! Why? Do each of you know exactly what was said and by whom? Many of you vouch for Mr. Meehan, and that's great, so why is it hard to understand that parents also "go to bat" for their children when they feel it's necessary? So many accusations have been made in public here and the Press, when the truth is, even though you may not like or agree with what the parents did, they chose the right avenue for addressing their concerns. There was a situation, it was handled and now it's over. I understand that coaching must be a very hard job, but as someone pointed out, Mr. Meehan has been at it for almost 20 years. Seems like he can stand the pressure and can certainly handle being questioned one time in all those years. Isn't that, in effect, what many of you are saying the kids and parents should do? Toughen up, right? And beenthere, thank you for pointing out that the kids on the team are not good enough to play after high school. I'm sure they really needed your vote of confidence, so thanks for that. At this point, the most important thing is the Baymen getting more wins so they can relax a little. Let's go, guys. Don't let this debacle stand in your way! " Apr 27, 12 9:41 AM