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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Capt. Tenaglia did not ask for his supports to be present because he has "class". The meeting was to appoint Wilson not to defend Tenaglia. If the town bord was to open a public forum to discuss the issue at hand I am sure that the supporters of Tenaglia would be out in full force. And for your information Cheif Overton did reccomend Capt. Tenaglia to the town board. Unfortunately the town board, who might I add, has less combined experience running the town then Tenaglia has had in runnning the police department as second in command for the past 2o years, chose to support the PBA...People of Southampton Town should be outraged and afraid that the local police union is running the show at Town Hall. And off duty police officers should never wear their uniforms off duty in a public forum....again shame on the PBA....the people of Southampton Town should not be made to feel intimidated by the police presence. Lastly, if you ask around the township the consesus is that the town board is corrupt and that Tenaglia should have gotten the job....and lastly you comment on the need for change...theres an old saying "if its not broken dont fix it....and if you feel that someone who has 16 years of experience is more qualified for a job than someone who has 36, including 20 years as the captain...then you my friend need to be better educated. Let me ask you this: would you hire someone to build your house who has less or more experience if they were both to be paid the same salary? It seems a no brainer....an intelligent person would never pick the less qualified or experienced for any job. The size and responsibilities of running southampton village pales in comparision to the size and responsibilities of running the entire the township. The poeple of Southampton town are the ones that loose out and are placed at risk...we will end up paying more as tax payers for this change and the PBA will get what it wants....12 hour shifts....which will cost up more money as tax payers....the bottom line is the town board memebrs based their decision on would best support their political future....not on what would be best and most cost efficent for the tax payers...In my opinion that is a direct violation of the oath that the town board memebrs took to serve the entire township and it's people...shame on the town board and shame on the PBA..." May 4, 11 1:52 PM