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2 Comments by Lisa Marte

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

I support Captain Tenaglia and his family. Not only has he been a dedicated leader of the police force, he has given up so many special occasions, events, family commitments etc to provide service to this community and that isnt good enough for him to receive a well deserved promotion? Actions speak louder than words people!!!! You really dropped the ball on this one!!! " May 4, 11 8:10 PM

Hampton Bays Library Board Will Seek Taxpayer Approval Of $9.9 Million Renovation Plan In March

I could not agree MORE! I have lived in HB for over 20 years, raised 3 children here and am currently raising 2 more. The library back then and now continues to be a staple in our home. I do not understand why it is being referred to as a "babysitting service" ? Nothing could be further from the truth! When I attend the library whether it be for a program, to pick up books, make a quick copy or donate some magazines there are always many children, families and adults enjoying the facility. Is that not what we are striving for? Is that not the purpose of a Library besides the actually books there is a very distinct atmosphere. If we are truly trying to think of the "big picture" let's try and think about each way the library can benefit us all. At the library we can all find something new to learn, see or do and that will make us all better people for having experienced that in our lives. I am extremely thankful the library has brought all of those wonderful experiences and memories to my family for all of these years. I urge you to vote YES LET'S MAKE MEMORIES, " Jan 23, 17 8:02 PM