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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

I've been reading some of these comments over the past couple of days and following the stories on here. Three members of the Town Board must be voted out of office. What is going on with our town, we cannot have this kind of dishonesty. The police were hired to do a job, not run town government.
Well said highhatsize don't take any nonsense from these clowns. " May 5, 11 11:46 AM

Really mollymguire? What a scoup, now it's not just one PO complaint but PO's and Supervisors as well. Please, do tell what else you heard from friends standing around the water cooler.
Was this complaint from the US Open in 1995 or 2004? That was a long time ago to be filing a complaint now, don't you think? Did you hear the rumor correctly?
" May 5, 11 6:59 PM