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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

mrobin seems your right on the money and apparantely Im hearing through friends at Town Hall at the water cooler that there are several complaints stemming not just from PO's but from Supervisors as well, and some how the US Open is involved. I guess we'll wait and see how this unfolds" May 5, 11 5:41 PM

Hihatsize your absolutely right it was political on the republican side, the only reason Nuzzi and Grabowski got involved to support one of there commitee man a "loyal soldier" since he was 17 years old, Sgt Jimmy Kiernan who would personally benefit if Tenaglia was promoted and Jimmy ultimately would be the next LT and then chief of police. And he would have been the first person to be hired from outside the township because he never was a resident anyway just a carpetbagger to steal a job from a local guy. And he aint the only one......" May 5, 11 7:17 PM

GOLDENBOY, one of the few good ones left. I understand that SGT Kiernan has only been a police officer for about ten years. He seems to be awful new to have given himself such high expectations. Pretty delusional if you ask me. You republicans are one arrogant bunch. Maybe he should actually figure that job out before crowning himself and the republicans. " May 6, 11 1:48 PM

HIGHHATSIZE,REGREP, you two have to be the same person, I can't imagine two people as stupid as you two. And to praise NANCY GABROWSKI, your definitely nuts, rumor has it she has some problems of her own concerning some ethics violations and ignoring her oath of office. Between her and NUZZI'S Brookhaven Town problems looks like the cream didn't rise to the top, looks like the dirt did. Things are looking up you republicans." May 6, 11 1:59 PM