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Police cite 21 on drug charges at Neptune Beach Club over holiday weekend

The owners and managers of Neptune could be doing more and better screening at their door to cull for problems - but they choose not to spend the money to do that. The managers are all drunk and or stoned most of the day so they're part of the problem too. They are not good operators and the liquor authority is right on their ass. They were issued some sort of temporary permit this season, so who knows what's going to happen down there this summer. However, saying all of that, Neptune is an important part of the hamptons, just would like to see them clean up their act..." Jun 5, 10 10:28 AM

Shinnecocks expect final word on recognition Tuesday

Good for them we've oppressed them far too long..... " Jun 15, 10 8:13 AM

Former employees file suit against Water Mill restaurant over forced tip-pooling and other practices

The "so called" employees have not been properly advised by their lawyer. first, the minimum wage for tipped employees is much lower than the standard minimum wage. then, the have to pay the taxes on their tips. so in the end game, these employees will come out with nada since the dept of labor will do an audit of their wages and it will show that they under reported their tipped earnings. waste of time but Press is Press. you can deduct all kinds of fees from wait staff such as tips to the bar, hostess, and a slew of others ..... " Jun 26, 10 1:10 AM

Thiele calls for Stony Brook president to step down

“His ineptitude is only exceeded by his arrogance.” = look who's calling the kettle black. Thiele , you should be in stand up comedy....could be a new career for you." Aug 14, 10 12:38 AM

Board of Elections calls Thiele petition valid

DUMP THIELE! " Aug 18, 10 10:15 PM

Condominium plan for Rambo site gets thumbs up from Southampton Town Planning Board

i think it's a perfect location for the Shinnecock Casino!

People, please, go get a job and stop complaining since you rarely see the positive side of things.

" Sep 27, 10 9:02 AM

Former Quogue mayor gets a break on restitution payments

Attention Laura Cooper - writer of the article. Mr. Motz is NOT currently incarcerated at a federal minimum security facility in Pensacola, Florida.

When writing please get your facts correct - this is one of the reasons I have stopped buying your paper......facts are mostly wrong in most articles...." Sep 28, 10 1:10 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

Dear Laura/Editor::: please note that your article headliner states that they picked up demolition permits and your article says they pick up applications that haven't been filed yet. If you're trying to confuse all of your readers, congratulations you accomplished that. A permit and an application are not mutually exclusive and a permit would be issued only after an application was filed, appropriate filing fees were paid and the building department approved the application. then and only then would it be called a permit.

Go back to to journalism school, you missed journalism 101.
" Oct 2, 10 11:45 PM

Cuts At Campus Still Called Illegal

First, may it please the court for Senator Lavalle to kindly remove his hat!

Second, 'Tis the season of politicians and Fred "what's in it for me" Thiele is grandstanding. Of course he is, he needs to, it's in his blood. The only person Thiele is working hard for is for himself....

True that it's sad that the university is closing the campus, but the writing in on the wall and the standard for economic support to continue on is simply not there...." Oct 14, 10 10:34 PM

Kara's In Westhampton Beach To Close

Susan Von Freddi, Billy Thorne & Polly Butler ...now that's a who's who demographic cross-section of the area!

RIP Kara's, you guys will be missed! Lots of memories inside the bar and out in the parking lot ;-)" Oct 27, 10 6:55 PM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

err .... Parking is a permitted use IN EVERY DISTRICT in the town and can not be regulated. Check the town code and you will find this to be true. You do not need a permit to park or to park on someones land if you have their consent. " Oct 27, 10 6:59 PM

Westhampton Beach Eruv Proposal Moves Forward

Ever hear of separation of church and state? Gov can't regulate religious places of worship and a Rabbi's house falls under that category since they hold services in those places.

....and you seem so intelligent,....at times anyway." Oct 29, 10 7:36 AM

Code Enforcement Closes Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

Check again my dear, ACCESSORY PARKING IS A PERMITTED USE IN EVERY DISTRICT regardless if commercial or not. While they might not have planning board approval it is still a permitted use in all residential districts.

Accessory parking is not considered a commercial use. Check your facts dear!" Oct 29, 10 10:19 AM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

History has shown that absentee ballots slew to the republican side. Oh well." Nov 9, 10 7:32 AM

Quogue Village Hires Attorneys Over Eruv

The Quogue Trustees are getting their hooded white suits laundered and pressed for their next meeting at the "Field Club"

" Nov 18, 10 3:49 PM

Kabot Says District Attorney Should Be Ashamed

I believe that Westhampton Police department has issues and that Linda was set up. If you have been following the headlines about all the cop problems in Westhampton, you will see a very bad pattern of mismanagement by the chief and officers. Personally, I am not a fan of Linda, but it smells really bad and the amount of time that has passed on this case is terrible - speedy trial." Nov 18, 10 4:02 PM

Southampton Town Steps In To Host Windmill Lighting Ceremony

Dear Laura Cooper.... the word is "cancellation" not "cancelation".. Maybe you should enroll at SUNY Stony Brook in their English department.

Fred Thiele, can't you find a real honest man's job...." Dec 2, 10 11:43 PM

Individuals Help Bolster Oyster Population

Bilge Water .... you make a decent argument, albeit it's an argument nonetheless.

Nature, get a job." Dec 16, 10 9:58 PM

Baykeeper Wants State To Revoke Quogue's Authority To Approve Dune Road Projects

LOL....BAYCREEPER! That's the best thing I ever heard!

He's a publicity hound! He lives in Quogue and most of his financial donations come from Quogue residents! When you trash the community of Quogue, I would imagine that it's so small there, that there will be some sort of financial fallout during his next fund raising campaign.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who drop the bomb and called the DEC on the village. Just a suspicion!
" Dec 20, 10 12:43 PM

White Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Southampton Town

He was and is an absurdly over incompetent employee. Good riddens, but I have to say his motive was premeditated the whole time. His Plan "B".

Nobody agrees with NATURE or HIGHHATSIZE, even if they, by chance, get one right ;-)

" Dec 22, 10 10:15 PM

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