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LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

the breakdown of customers without power is not accurate.
I was at a home in Westhampton today (9/3/11) that does not have power. There are a bunch of wires hanging right across the street from their driveway." Sep 3, 11 9:24 PM

Police Searching For Driver Who Fled Scene After Westhampton Beach Crash

This did not happen in Westhampton Beach. The location is Quiogue, hence: "Southampton Town Police are looking for the driver ... with the assistance of Westhampton Beach ... police"." Apr 25, 12 1:54 PM

Quogue Library Board Holds Annual Meeting

Quogue Avenue is in Flanders.
Quogue Library is on Quogue Street in Quogue.
However, a quick check of Google maps shows that they have the library on the wrong street in Quogue anyway." May 20, 13 2:26 PM

Sag Harbor School District To Present Six Possible Late Start Time Options Next Week

It's a good start. I was wondering when /if any local schools would pay attention to the numerous studies that show they are starting too early. But I am concerned by the quote that " all determinations will essentially be weighed based on transportation, as well as how starting and ending the school day later would affect athletics at the middle/high school level" so ultimately not actually the well being of the children." Dec 7, 14 5:24 AM

Quogue Country Market Closes Its Doors In Village

Westhampton Beach is an incorporated village not a hamlet. " Dec 25, 14 8:39 AM

Westhampton Free Library Employees Vote To Unionize

I think people are confusing unions with Civil Service. In speaking to library employees I learned that only full time employees (a very small percent of the union members) already have pensions and they are 401k pensions and apparently the union has already told the employees that it is very unlikely that that situation will change. " Aug 22, 15 8:59 PM

From conversations with various library employees they do want the board to be an elected one but they have no control over that. It is you, the public, who must come forward and insist that the change be made. It may not be easy but Sag Harbor’s residents were able to get their John Jermain library board to change from appointed to elected so it can be done." Aug 24, 15 10:25 AM