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Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

I encourage everyone to watch this debate on TV.
I was there and Perry made a very strong case for the return of normalcy to our politics.

He recognizes the divisive tone that the President uses and the result that comes from it. Yes, the President's words, tweets, and winks to white nationalists does create an envinorment that encourages fringe wackos to act out. If you can't admit that then you do not deserve to serve the people of CD1.

Perry gets it and is not afraid to say so.
Instead of calling him out, our congressman apologizes for Trumps language and behavior. He thinks it's ok.

That is not us. This is not what the people of CD1 believe. Time for a congressman who represents the values we hold.

Vote the bum out Nov 6th.

" Oct 31, 18 11:38 AM

East Quogue Committee Files Village Incorporation Petition With Town On Wednesday

Unpaid village government? Unpaid for how long?
This is a bad idea proposed by people who just can't take no for an answer.
" Apr 5, 19 11:12 AM

Tensions Run High At Central Pine Barrens Commission Meeting On Wednesday Over East Quogue Golf Course Development

And why exactly was Kyle Collins "sitting in" for Jay?
Maybe Jay didn't want to stand up and take the heat for defending an unpopular position. It is an election year after all, and Kyle does not need to worry about re-election.
Always a crafty politico that Jay.

" Apr 11, 19 1:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Additional $225,000 For Ponquogue Beach Facility Revitalization

I'm sure the issues with the deck were noticed by the smart bidders at the outset.
Keep your numbers low to get the job and then wack the Town with big Change Order later. Classic. " Apr 11, 19 4:16 PM

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