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Residents Mobilize Against Proposed Camp Expansion In North Sea

60 workers. Means 60 cars. The traffic around Majors Path/North Sea-Mecox HIGHWAY is already a joke in the morning and afternoons. A joke. Snap on Tool trucks that weigh to much for the LOCAL back roads. Norsic MININ packers! Yes, Norsic... and everyone in between...

We should make a no right turn from Upper 7 Ponds to N Sea Mecox from 2-6 in the afternoon. How's this: NO LEFT from N Sea-Mecox onto North Sea road from 2-6PM.

Now add this CAMP into the mix... it's starting to suck out here, I'll be honest.
I feel bad for the LITTLE fresh residents because they are about to get soooo\
screwed/ Cutting through from the DELI to camp on Little fresh, speeding, trash falling out the back of trucks... Should I continue? IT WILL HAPPEN!
" Jun 7, 11 10:21 PM

Mecox Yacht Club Proposal Up For Public Hearing at Town Hall On Tuesday

Incredible. After years of new houses being built on the bay with their nitrate rich lawns seeping into our environment, Now, these 2 month a year weekend residents don't want the little sailing club at the end of the road. We back you Jeff 100%.

Remember when Don Hewitt wanted to bay to remain closed so he could water ski? It's everybody's bay, not just yours." Jun 15, 11 8:05 AM

Scarboroughs To Host Animal Shelter Benefit

Nice Chuck!" Jul 13, 11 8:00 PM

Emotions Run High At Town Hall Meeting On Noyac Bay Avenue Parking Restrictions

The beach should be for EVERYONE! Not a select few. As a lifelong SH resident. When the village took away Wyandanch, Old Town, Cryder and Halsey Neck because a board member named Joe McC,, well you know him, couldn't swim at his beloved beach because to many SURFERS from all over town parked there due to a great sandbar. Everyone lost! Yeah one old board member f**ked it up for all those in Southampton that pay taxes to the school system and the like.

They should be and still be ashamed of themselves. This reeks of more of the same. Where is the sanity you losers." Jul 13, 11 9:11 PM

Authorities Seeking Information About Seagull Killing

Spray paint their faces with day glow red paint and have them walk down the main street in the town of their crime. Then ship them to Rikers." Jul 27, 11 9:16 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

I like the Post Office Comment the best. That place looks like a sewer." Sep 12, 11 3:53 PM

Residents Call For Closing Dale Street Off From County Road 39

North Sea-Mecox road, I mean highway next! " Sep 23, 11 6:22 PM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

Is it me or does he looked a little bummed out?" May 17, 12 9:12 PM

Southampton Town Housing Lottery Brings Smiles And Some Tears

Enjoy the new digs, don't worry about the haters, we'll all be dead one day and
no one will care about the 'Walts of the World'. If you get in the house before christmas may it be the best you and your family will ever have!

This IS the american dream. And yes, we do help each other.
" Sep 22, 12 8:06 PM

Sandy Deals Glancing Blow, Leaves One Death, Destruction Behind

I was born in 1963. My grandfather would tell me stories of the 1938 hurricane. He passed away at 97 a few years back, the body failed but his mind was lucid. He said you might see a storm like that once in your life. He said you would never forget the power of nature. My mother today said all this reminded her of the 1962 Ash Wednesday storm, and her voice quivered. This is real, despite the fact that Irene went way west of the inlet, people got lulled into complacency, this is not the time. I remember Little Plains during the Perfect Storm, I never saw an ocean like that, not Hawaii, Indo, Australia. Sandy will trump all those storms. My grandfather told me so." Oct 26, 12 12:54 AM

Judge Dismisses Complaints Against Retired Southampton Village Police Officer, Taser International

This is a small community when you take the summer people out of the equation. With that said, a small community deserves a community minded police department. The guys that get hired are not typically from the east end nor do they live here and therefore do not get to know the year round residents. I bet if Brad Smith was the responding officer this would have never happened.

We need to be responsible to all the members of the community, mental illness and all. It's about protecting and serving everyone in the community." Mar 7, 13 12:31 PM

Southampton Town Settles Discrimination Charges With Officer

Tazer and Mace. Sound's like a hard rock band, anyway is this standard police
protocol to it's junior officers? Zero tolerance for the offending officers. I'm sure a lot of Southampton residents would love a 100g job." Mar 8, 13 1:11 PM

Official: DEC Says Southampton Beach Projects Violate Permits

Dirt, deisel and oil mixing nicely with the sand at Little Plains at the moment.
Nice job guys." Mar 30, 13 10:41 AM

Wainscott 'Welcome' Sign To Be Moved

The irony of the whole situation is the next sign you see at the beach is a
sign that starts with the word NO. You all know the signs, they are so welcoming
yet no where do they say "Have a great day'.

And I love the 'Settled in 1648" crap. The real 'LOCALs' were settled just fine prior to that.

" Jan 16, 14 9:59 PM

Governor Cuomo Designates $756,000 For New Hampton Bays Bike Trails Linking Pair Of Parks

@dekooning... bike/mountian bike trail alongside the LIRR is the BEST idea I've heard in a long time. Good on ya!" May 1, 19 6:21 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Looks To Bring Surf School Back In Time For August

I would love to see all the naysayers who love to surf Nosara tell the local crew they can't have a surf school at Guiones... better yet tell Brian Suratt he can't do his surf school at Sunset Beach on the North Shore (Not a ton of parking at Sunst either) ...or The Hawaiian Lifeguards Surf Instructors in Kona they can't teach kids... I'd like that.. Got Aloha... hypocrisy at it's finest.

Last summer a European tourist ventured out on a very rough day at Little Plains, he was all of 6 4', strapping dude... he got caught in a rip and was going under for the final time.. if an FPSS instructor didn't get him on a board to get him back to shore he was DOA. Period. That would be good press for Southampton Village. And you people hate surf camp..

Who paddled out to save the whale in Sagaponack? Surfers...But we up to many in P lot...

Fred S said it best, you want a place at the beach, get there early... first come first serve... everyone has equal rights... or no?" Jul 25, 19 3:41 PM