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Sagaponack Village Approves Demolition Of Oceanfront Cottage On Farmland

i can't take you seriously, but that's interesting information." Jul 16, 11 12:46 PM

Two Nabbed After Burglary In Southampton Village

methamphetamines kill" Jul 17, 11 5:16 PM

Southampton Town GOP Still Lacks Supervisor Candidate As Deadline Looms

sorry, but chris nuzzi, a politician is not concerned about anything other than chris nuzzi, the politician. translate that to EVERY politician you may ever read or hear about and that rule will stand steadfast." Jul 18, 11 6:29 AM

Bishop Is Big Hitter For Dems In Congressional Baseball Game

breathless, what an incredible man." Jul 20, 11 8:26 AM

Battle Brews Over Parking Spot Outside Westhampton Beach Business

The owner of Liberty Lock and Key must be a graduate of the Wharton School of Business because his marketing skills, accountability and people skills seem to be just a little step above everyone else's. hahahah. Just kidding, its actually always hard to find parking at the locksmiths...you know, because everyone is always going to the locksmith's shop." Jul 21, 11 6:46 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

oy vey, hey phil...when you actually communicate in real life do you use your own words or do you simply use a complicated form of ''cut and paste'' speech in which nothing you actually express is a creation of your own brain and thought process. Agreeing with someone else's words or sharing them and standing behind them makes you no different that the little animated gangster type that stood behind the leader yelling ''yeah, you tell him boss, now what do you have to say to that''. in those cartoons, that guy was the punchline." Jul 21, 11 6:49 AM

If Tim if for it, its bad for the country. Period." Jul 22, 11 7:17 AM

Southampton Town Keeps Cooling Center In Hampton Bays Open

Whew, thank goodness for this warning from suffolk county officials. I was dressed head to toe in wool, with no spf protection, haven't had any fresh water in days for the dog and i had no wide brimmed hat or shades. I now look like Bella Azbug and the dog is happy." Jul 22, 11 7:20 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

local 84, progress now and phillysathome got us here. and local 84 is going to help us get outta here because he is wakin' people up yo! i be drunk now! and it's only 7:!0 in the morning yawnin'!" Jul 23, 11 7:10 AM

Fired Southampton Village Officer Seeks Lost Benefits After State Awards Him September 11 Disability Payments

this brioche or challa or whatever his name is, is a strange character. running around with his pit bulls in some big weird truck - disabled my toucas. trust me, he's not going to win in court - he's a lost sailor, mentally away to long to remember what it's like to be a productive member of society. unfortunately, this is all coupled with a complete lack of social skills, ability to deal with people, tact and a simple intuition of how the universe works - so much so that he is basically handicapped by his lack of social skills. like it or not, his glory days are behind him and he is right where he should be. a sort of odd cast-away looking for a place in a society that has rejected his entire style. time to put on the kenny rogers album and remember that you gotta know when to fold 'em." Jul 23, 11 7:30 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

ok, how about this, you're hiding behind our favorite time of the year..hahahaha, and i am going to make some tired old stereotypical, ''we are all good/they are all bad'' type of argument that you have been programmed into spouting to whomever is within earshot. and you have just just grin and bear it. just like when the shady attorney from chi-town as elected and all of a sudden there was some sort of attempt to shun unsavory personal attacks against the thug in so-called chief. get over yourself." Jul 24, 11 3:49 PM

Town Board Will Hold Hearing Tuesday On New Energy Efficient Building Standards

in related news, the hot air spewing from progressnow's geodesic dome is powering all of hampton jitney." Jul 25, 11 4:40 PM

Fired Southampton Village Officer Seeks Lost Benefits After State Awards Him September 11 Disability Payments

since you asked, that wasn't really worth anything at all." Jul 25, 11 4:42 PM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

all I know is that for all your bloviating, the disparity between the haves and the have nots has NEVER been wider. For one, I am most elated to hear this. Because it means that despite all their attempts, I am keeping what I earn and giving it out as I see fit. And I am not giving any to Mr. Z, he's lazy." Jul 26, 11 7:19 AM

in fact, i'm filling up the tub with money and i'm just going to wallow in it today....don't even have to work if i don't want to. ahhhhhh, thank goodness redistribution is failing....now let's see what is in this overflowing fridge of mine..." Jul 26, 11 7:21 AM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

why would it be bad if our bond rating went down? except you know, that they said it on pmsnbc? don't pay any attention to mr z, he's like a parakeet, parrotting things that he's seen around the net that makes some sense to him. technically its called plagiarism. if you are afraid of defaul, bond rating decreases or any other negative ramification of what is going on in D.C., you are nothing but a absent minded pawn in their game. come over to our table where we know its all a game and there ain't nothing to fear...in case you are ignorant enough to believe what they tell you on that idiot box in the living room. when you stop believing what ''they'' tell you and think for yourself, you will be winning the battle. now carry on today and argue in exactly the format ''they'' want. keep it up...whilst you are all rubbing each other's ego, tim bishop and his ilk are walking away into the sunset with your hard earned money. when are you going to wake up and smell the fumes from tim bishop's company car?
" Jul 28, 11 7:41 AM

can you explain why you feel people should pay more taxes? and, your answer MUST include how you feel that washington is already spending money as efficiently as possible. and please, don't say that they should take ''rich'' people's money...because those eeeevil rich pay more in a year that you'll pay in your lifetime. so go ahead, should just OTHER people pay more or are you included in that too...and please tell us how Washington doesn't have enough money but with more, everything should work out fine. all you, take as much space as you need....and no class warfare dagdavid. have at it....time's ticking." Jul 28, 11 7:44 AM

Well whaddaya know. Despite what the losers, miscreants, deviants, drunk drivers, wife beaters, tax evaders, drug addicts and infidels in D.C. do, I'm putting the left shoe on, then the right shoe, and marching out to go do my job. no debt ceiling needs to be raised, no spending cuts and no free lunches. I happily do this because now that it is past May, I have stopped working for the man and get to keep a portion of what I make from June-December, at my particular tax rate. Except whatever I buy, has taxes, then if I invest that money and make any growth that is taxed, then if i pass any money to my kids, that'll get taxed and on and on and on and on. But dagdavid and a bunch of you think that its not enough, you want me to pay more. May I politely request that you not ask the government to take any more of my money. I work my ARSE off for it and i give a reasonable amount of it away to charity. no, i'm not the evil rich, but i would be if I could ever get there. can any of you please tell me, my wife and kids why you are so darn adamant about taking more of my money and giving it to the people that you see on television wasting it and treating my family's money as if the don't care one bit about it. you make fun of the television evangelicals because they jjjuuuuuuust don't ever have enough money to do ''the good works of the lord''. do you see no similarity between that and a dude who looks about the same, pleading to you in the same tone because they juuuuuuuuussst don't have enough of your money to do ''the good works of the lord''. do you think if MORE of my family's money is confiscated then more poor people will have a better life? you can't possibly believe that do you? how on earth can any of you want to take more of the money I make and send it to anyone in D.C. to waste away and then ask for more....what is wrong with you people." Jul 29, 11 6:56 AM

here's a suggestion, you conduct a seance and give big teddy a message for me: mind your own business." Jul 29, 11 7:00 AM

Fired Southampton Village Officer Seeks Lost Benefits After State Awards Him September 11 Disability Payments

yo hh, ever think that if the guy was mother theresa you wouldn't really have all sorts of anon. posters ripping the outcast to pieces? you can stay on your highhat horse for this one, but not knowing the whole situation hasn't stopped on the other 905 comments of yours. if it smells like doody, looks like doody, feels like doody, as my grand-dad used to say...prolly doody. don't get too caught up in the high hat size of yours..sometimes the truth is right there in front of ya. being a fighter is good, but you don't want to end of like muhammad ali....not knowing when to stop and handicapping the rest of your existence because of it." Jul 30, 11 7:32 AM

you 've been watching tooo many t.j. hooker re-runs dude. " Jul 30, 11 7:33 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

hh, that is the silliest thing.. "our trading partners are looking on this debate as an indication of political mental imbalance" and someone hit ''Like'' on that drivel?
"the republicans are threatening to blow up the economy of the united states if their will, already defeated legislatively by the peoples representatives is not acceded to" huh? kindly explain ''blow up the economy''...does my bank account explode on Monday? irrational zealotry? repeat after me..baaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ya sheep. you take what you hear on the news, repackage it here in your own big words (we got it, highhatsize) and then people agree with it. this folks, it why we are doomed. wow. your opinion is that only 1 party is bad, is that it? and the other one is so great and trying so hard. you're not only a sheep brutha, you are quite naive'. how anyone gives you an iota of credibility is beyond me. look people, its all hooey...if the news channel doesn't create fear, dread, to the point where you monkeys swinging it out all night here, then they don't get advertisements...oy vey, c'mon...get with the program! ''one has to wonder if obama and the democrats didn't make a fundamental error in even entering into talks with the republicans, perhaps they should allow the munchkins to drive off a cliff..and blah, blah, blah, blah *cough* *gag*. here, its all a work, you're getting used and abused by the elite ruling class and you are fighting for your party because you believe the sh* they feed you. apparently it works, but you'll need re-programming to get your brain to the point where you can see right through all of it...yeah, both parties are workin' ya'll over peeps! while your swinging away at your countryman they are clinckin' cocktails and laughing all the way to the union din-dins." Jul 31, 11 7:31 AM

Leave us alone, Outsourcer. Go screw some other district." Dec 7, 10 4:24 PM

Wheeler, you're a first class idiot." Jan 6, 11 5:17 PM
You are an idiot" Jan 17, 11 9:32 PM

They call me bagger

To Altschuler - You destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans. eff you.

(When you can't answer facts, hurl insults instead) Feb 17, 11 5:28 PM hehehe...

Please provide a source of your statistic, piehole Mar 11, 11 11:52 AM

teaboy, make sure you show 'em some of these gems too." Jul 31, 11 7:45 AM

If you want to blame the Republicans for something, blame them for making sure there is more in your paycheck than if Harry Reid and Obama would have had their way. And if you are upset about not having your taxes raised and being robbed of the precious opportunity to pay more taxes, you have 2 options 1.) send an additional tax payment or use the extra you want to pay towards next year's tax obligation or 2.) send a thank you contribution to your local tea party affiliated office." Aug 1, 11 10:03 AM

Police: Mechanical Malfunction Caused County Road 39 Rollover

I'm no columbo but single car roll-overs like we have had all summer are the result of fiddling with the cell-phone. period." Aug 1, 11 10:05 AM

Protestors Gather In Front Of Bishop's Southampton Office

Dat guy up der be right! Local84 didn't get his redistribution and philathome didn't get his tax increase and the middle class and old people got whaaaacked.

In the final analysis, Local 84 lost huge. He voted for Obama and got left in the dust like a sad runaway on the side of the Vegas Turnpike. If you wanted taxes raised, you lost. But if you love big government and watching your $$ being used to line the federal bird cage, well, you're waking up a very happy citizen today." Aug 2, 11 6:33 AM

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