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Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

in case you you missed it the criminal left is financed by The Rockefeller Foundation, The George Soros Complex, The Ford Foundation, The Heinz Endowment, Voter Fraud Groups such as Acorn, The National Lawyers Guild and the US Communist Party, Jihad Leaders of the CAIR organization, Medea Benjamin and the Cuban Communist Party, The Ruckus Society, The Tides Foundation, Peter Lewis, owner of Progressive Insurance, The Political Mutual Fund Products such as ActBlue Funds (Big wall street) and a host of others too numerous to name." Aug 3, 11 9:26 AM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

The comment stands, now you sit. hahahaha. Looks like the ignoramus who posted it has more of an understanding of the rights of our citizens in the usa that you do, mr. progressnow..and i say mr. because i know some of your progressive women. time to shave." Aug 4, 11 6:39 AM

#owned." Aug 4, 11 6:40 AM

Town Gears Up For 'Escape 2 New York'

Either the Elks got hoodwinked or they are trying to hoodwink us, because this is what escape to ny is all about and it ain't no group of poetry buffs. Methinks the accent fooled the old farts. http://www.escape2ny.com/

and the underwear, horsehead mud wrestling looks quite sedate. pfffft. silly old man." Aug 5, 11 5:58 AM

Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

Except the only employee class more protected than the teacher is the catholic priest." Aug 5, 11 7:39 AM

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