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4 Comments by Debra Foster

Foster, Quigley Spar at East Hampton Town Board Meeting

The affordable housing issue is an important part of planning for the future of our community. This issue is too important to be about me or Theresa Quigley. It is not about who has lived here longer or who cares about East Hampton more...we all do. It is about keeping our local young people in Town. In reading the survey, some numbers are not accurate. If decisions are to be made about effective programs , they should be reliable. Nantucket tried secondary housing without a rental cap and it actually made the situation worse. Homeowners saw an opportunity , moved into the "secondary " cottage and rented out their homes for time shares and groupers. In fact, just 2% went to local people. Now only 20% of their population is year-round! If this Board puts an affordable cap on the rentals, I would be the first to congratulate them. " Jul 11, 11 10:41 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

Dear Hog Creek, I am not the " Boardwatcher". I always sign my name after any comments I personally make. I understand the frustration of the Springs Concerned Citizens. The current strong feelings from Springs residents are due to the fact that overcrowding of homes in single family neighborhoods continues to exist. The real culprits are not the renters\ workers but the landlords\ owners who are not being held accountable. Also, if a fine is leveled, it does not begin to cover the rents they receive illegally. I have talked with David Buda recently about a rental permit that could help with enforcement . I also have some numbers the group may be interested in concerning ultimate buildout in Springs. This important issue is not about labeling anybody. It is about equal enforcement of the law- everyone may agree on that. This is what happens when people feel a situation that goes against the standards we all must abide by is not being enforced consistently and fairly. I feel that is what Springs residents feel strongly about and I share their very real concerns because there are serious health , safety, and financial consequences if this is allowed to continue. However, I also feel that any reference to a possible overcrowded home should mention the landlord and not the people who just want a better life. Deb Foster" Mar 18, 12 12:11 PM

Cyril's Fish House Wants To Expand; Will Seek Change Of Zone From East Hampton Town Board

This is how a zoning map that protects our community's health and safety is undone- not with a bang but a series of whimpers . Great planning. In one of the most dangerous traffic locations in Town (death alley) and where a hurricane could wash over the dunes, they want to EXPAND the use." Dec 12, 12 11:28 AM

UPDATE: Schiavoni Withdraws Proposed Moratorium On Development In Aquifer Districts

TJ, Your priorities are spot on. As a former East Hampton Town Board member and member of the Planning Board for 15 years ( 8 years as chairwoman ), I worked to update our comprehensive plan and zoning code. Maybe we should get together over some Long Island iced tea! I support your efforts. Deb Foster" Jul 19, 18 9:02 PM