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Southampton Town Trustees Win Appeal Over West Hampton Dunes Spit Of Land

Poor Gary. What happened to all that money you made from buying people out after the washout?" Dec 19, 18 7:53 AM

I suppose we should adopt a new Constitution because it was written by a bunch of dead guys in 1776." Dec 22, 18 7:40 AM

Westhampton Beach Receives $5 Million DEC Grant For Sewer District Project

Congrats to the Mayor and Board for pushing this through. Every little bit will help our environment in the future." Dec 29, 18 8:26 AM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Prepares For Third Term In U.S. House

FYI, the official attendance was over 66,000 out of 67,000. I guess you must still be watching" Dec 31, 18 7:55 AM

Wainscott CAC Says It Is Against Wind Farm Cable Coming To Beach Lane

Who says they are liberals? Sounds to me like Republican Party donors." Jan 2, 19 8:29 AM

Southampton Town Awards Westhampton Beach Additional CPF Money For Drainage Project

I do believe the tax payers voted this Board into office,some for 3 or 4 terms. Obviously we like the job they are doing." Jan 4, 19 8:05 AM

Closing Of Southampton Village Stores Raises Concern For Some

Why don't you ask the landlords how much tax they pay when the stores are empty. It's not nearly enough for them to pay, so they let them sit empty until another tenant comes in, even if it takes years." Jan 18, 19 8:18 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Kick Off In March

No reason we can't look like Rockaway. We also need sidewalks and high-rises everywhereso we look like modern America. Oh, and bring on the big box stores and fast food joints." Feb 3, 19 8:01 AM

Protest Held In Bridgehampton On Monday

Build back up bridges and highways and railroads." Feb 19, 19 6:31 AM

BTW... What a shame we can spend $$ on a stupid wall but have none for the real rescue heroes of 9/11 whose benefits are being cut by 70%." Feb 19, 19 6:45 AM

Police Chief Raises Concerns Over State Plan To Legalize Marijuana

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!" Feb 26, 19 8:04 AM

South Fork Commuter Connection Off To Slow Start

God-forbid anything new is tried. Can't we just give it a chance for a few months to see if it works and make some appropriate changes?" Mar 21, 19 8:25 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Considers Upgraded Septic System Requirements

Find the right systems and pass the law." Mar 23, 19 7:37 AM

Yep, better to drive gas-guzzling SUV's and spend $400 a month for your phones than try to save our water for $200 a year." Mar 26, 19 7:39 AM

UPDATE: Westbound Lanes Re-Opened After Five-Car Accident Forces County Road 39 Road Closure In Shinnecock Hills

I wonder how many of those involved are teachers who live up west because there is not enough affordable housing out here." Mar 27, 19 7:57 AM

Southampton Town Board Votes Tuesday To Put Out Bid To Demolish Old Westhampton Community Center

Gotta watch out for that stampede of seniors. They will run you over with their walkers if you get in their way." Mar 29, 19 8:22 AM

East Hampton Village May Restrict Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers In Summer

I suppose they could use generators to supply power for the electric blowers which are actually louder." Apr 13, 19 7:37 AM

Popular Nightclub Could Be Moving To Southampton Village Main Street Spot

Young people need something to do and dancing is good for you." Apr 26, 19 7:51 AM

Wait a minute. If I remember correctly, there were 3 places on the beach for people to go to. Why were they closed?" Apr 28, 19 8:05 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Hears Public Opinions On Proposed Septic System Mandate

For now, just compile a list of viable systems and add a rider allowing newer systems to be added to the list." May 4, 19 7:26 AM

Officials Say Ridership Numbers Are Up On South Fork Commuter Connection

4 is not enough, make it 8 so no one waits." May 23, 19 7:45 AM

Zeldin Is Right In Calling For Non-Compliance Over Black Sea Bass

So, Zeldin is actually saying to break the law?" Jun 6, 19 9:49 PM

For Fishermen, Wind Farm Debate Contains A Dose Of Inevitability

How many new construction sites have you seen that are putting up the panels? It should be mandatory for all residential and commercial constuction." Jun 12, 19 7:30 AM

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