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Westhampton Beach's Glovers Park Becomes A Reality

Big thanks to our do-something Mayor. Amazing that the land has laid empty since 2008." Sep 28, 15 8:12 AM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's Employees Are Seeking Help To Save Their Jobs

I guess you did not see the story about the 3 top management guys paying themselves $12 MILLION the week before bankrupcy was declared." Oct 10, 15 7:28 AM

Inaugural Fall Harvest Festival Draws A Crowd In Westhampton Beach

Big Thanks to our hard-working Mayor for putting this whole thing together!" Oct 12, 15 7:43 AM

Best Yet Market Will Gut, Expand Former Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's

What grinds progress and economic growth to a halt is the more than 1,000 times the pay of the union workers that the CEO's and other high level management people get." Oct 21, 15 9:09 AM

Roger Waters Show Draws Protestors At Bay Street Theater On Friday

When you're right you're right. I would like to know what the inappropriate content was." Nov 1, 15 9:50 AM

Suffolk Awards Westhampton Beach $75,000 Grant For Main Street Project

First of all, the cesspool connections are in the backs of the buildings on Main St. The sewer lines would have to be brought there. Second of all, if there was more to offer year-round on Main St. people would come. Third of all, instead of all that waste going into Moniebogue Bay it would help to keep our water clean." Nov 6, 15 7:47 AM

Every journey starts with the first step and if it makes you feel better I am a WHB taxpayer." Nov 6, 15 6:56 PM

Westhampton Beach To Hold Public Hearing On Proposed CVS

Gee, I thought bigger was better. Why is a chain drug store allowed but not a chain fast food store? " Nov 20, 15 7:32 AM

Community Forum Scheduled For Proposed Speonk Workforce Housing Project

I don't see anything in the article that says they are rentals. We need workforce housing." Dec 2, 15 1:38 PM

Developers Targeting Land Above Speonk Plume Say They All Intend To Install Vapor Barriers

You want real taxes, go back to Brookhaven. " Dec 18, 15 7:37 AM

Press Debate Will Focus On January's Special Election For Southampton Town Board

Development can not be stopped. That cat was let out of the bag long ago. The best we can do now is to try to control it. Ms. Lofstad will do a much better job of that, otherwise we will end up looking like Far Rockaway." Dec 23, 15 7:59 AM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

Tell that to the teachers and Town and Village workers who will be living there. Not to mention the young people in our community who will have affordable apartments to live in." Jan 6, 16 7:38 AM

Well put. It should be remembered that it is Workforce housing, not welfare housing." Jan 6, 16 6:22 PM

Where were you people when the Drag Strip was sold and the 5 acre zoning was changed to allow 200 homes to be built. Oh, I forgot, no one cared because they were million dollar homes. Where was the big protest then? You can be sure if it was Workforce housing there would have been a stink." Jan 7, 16 10:35 PM

I am not angry with anyone. I have lived here for 25 years and my 21 yr old son can't find an affordable apartment in the place in which he grew up. Wait till your children grow up and watch them move away. We need transitional housing for young adults." Jan 8, 16 8:00 AM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

The Town would not be the landlord, Georgica Green would be." Jan 20, 16 8:11 AM

Georica Green would manage the property, collect the rent, and keep the profits. Town Housing Authority would vet applicants." Jan 20, 16 4:06 PM

In Special Election, Julie Lofstad Wins Open Seat On Southampton Town Board

It would be great to see Ms. Zenk become Town Attorney." Jan 27, 16 2:33 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Paves The Way For A CVS

Don't use it if you don't like it. They will pull out in 2 years like Starbucks did on CR 39 and the landlord will be left with an empty property." Mar 6, 16 7:46 AM

Former Bank Building Languishes In Westhampton Beach

Can't violations be found and the owner fined, to add to his tax bill?" Mar 22, 16 8:39 AM

Planning Board Now Expected To Approve Remsenburg Subdivision In May

Where are all the workforce housing protesters amid this project? Oh that's right, it's million dollar homes. It will raise their property values." Apr 14, 16 7:57 AM

Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

I agree. This is a for-profit venture. Government should not be business to make $$$$$$." Apr 14, 16 8:02 AM

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