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Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

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" Aug 2, 11 3:51 PM

and here is another update for you: as soon as the president signed, the dow dropped 240 points.

do not let there be any mistake about how awful this day is for our country. the new super congress has just been launched and our country is on its way to bankruptcy. if you look at that list above of 50 examples of waste, and then look at the evenly balanced list of references and still think that the government is fair to confiscate any more of anyone's money, you have been supremely hoodwinked." Aug 2, 11 3:56 PM

Dave, is there a reason you cannot find this low hanging fruit yourself. I don't sense that this frosts you as much as it should, leading me to believe you don't pay much in taxes. But that 92 Billion didn't even count the 700 Billion Dollar TARP hand-out and the other big corporate hand outs that Bush made on the way out or that Obama made on the way in. If you want to negatively connotate me for holding those that confiscate my money accountable, then fine, but many lawmakers focus more on bringing home earmarks than on performing the less exciting task of government oversight. Exasperated taxpayers see the cost of government rise with no end in sight.

Of course, eliminating waste cannot balance the budget. Lawmakers must also rein in spending by reforming Social Security and Medicare and by eliminating government activities that are no longer affordable. Yet government waste is the low-hanging fruit that lawmakers must clean up in order to build credibility with the public for larger reforms.

And yes, no new taxes is the right attitude to take. Obviously. And no eliminating deductions for corporation, it is time for the man to get out of the way of those that have ideas, that are creative and that make money. In case you weren't aware, the government does not create anything, it just takes. But you know that, you have seen late night evengelists before.

" Aug 3, 11 10:23 AM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

"I don't regret setting bombs, I don't think we did enough." If the shady attorney from chi town and his ilk and you think the tea party are terrorists, you certainly undertstand that that statement was issued by Bill Ayers, the Prez's left hand terrorist. Obama is a very bad person and so is Soros and Van Jones. Will you want me banned for saying that? How about this, I know who highhatsize is.
" Aug 4, 11 6:37 AM

Bishop Votes In Favor Of Debt Ceiling Deal; President Signs Measure

I think I saw it but didn't read it. It sure must've been good, because it got under your skin. Was it the one where the president came off looking like a terrorist? Weird that 27east took it down, because they printed an entire letter to the editor in this week's press that relates the tea-party to a group of terrorists. Perhaps it was just too off topic." Aug 5, 11 10:52 AM

Really!? Whoa, didn't see that. Calling any American citizen a terrorist is pretty bad isn't it Progressnow? In fact the VP calling american citizens terrorists is very bad isn't it Progressnow? You have been officially backed into a corner and now your intellectual integrity will be called into question. Are you consistent. Is it bad for a person to call someone a terrorist or not? Let's see how you work outta this one. I get two comments a day, g'head." Aug 5, 11 11:11 AM