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Planning Board votes against rescinding Woodfield Gables decision

Has the Southampton Planning Board ever requested an Environmental Impact Statement on any questionable tract of land? We're still trying to figure out why one isn't being performed on Oakland Farms...the Conservation Board in 2003 labeled this site as "ecologically sensitive"....hmmmmm" Sep 7, 08 2:35 PM

Date set for approval of Oakland Farms subdivision in Quiogue

The Oakland Farms Subdivision is further proof that if a developer has his 'people' lined up from the beginning, it is only a matter of time before permission to build is granted. It's unfortunate that this 50+ acre of land, which was labled as environmentally sensitive from many sources, including the Town's own Conservation Board, was not protected with CPF funds. Perhaps if this land was located east of the canal, the decision to build would have been different. " Oct 25, 08 4:55 PM

Westhampton Beach schedules public session to discuss new math mandate

Regarding the math issue at the middle school....30% scored lower than a grade of 70, and 15% scored lower than 65. What's wrong with this picture? The WHB school district needs to take into account that not EVERY student is capable of performing at an accelerated level. The article fails to point out the percent of those students who are staying for extra help, and those students who have had to resort to private tutoring in order to pass this course. The bottom line is that not every student should be required to take the accelerated course. Placement in an accelerated program should be based soley on an individual basis.
Another thought that the district should look into is the competancy of the instructors teaching the course. Having 45% of the students score a grade lower than 70 is unacceptable (in any school district). Mr. Schwartz should seriously reconsider this policy. " Dec 16, 08 8:52 PM