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MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

this is bs. just read the wall street journal of some days back & on the front page,lower down there was an article on the mtk & u could sense the power of people for and against this festival.
money promised to the charities? guys stopping this fun event should be made to pay a lot....were the organisers stoned when they put all this money in escrow?
I am just pissed off cause i miss on my intro to the hamptons.....and having good music and a good time " Aug 6, 11 6:39 PM

check this out....about 2500 people have brought the tickets, the artists have their days planned out to be in long island,drop the f... prices crazy, blitz out the nyc media,get the tourists buses specials ...PUT ON THE F..... SHOW.
There must be a win win waiting to appear yet...can most commentators be pls positive and offer their brightest hopes for the charities and them people " Aug 7, 11 12:39 PM