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Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

The town highway crew were in my neighborhood picking up loose leaves by the road side but unfortunately seventy percent of the leaves had not fallen of the trees yet, so after the leaves were all down, we put them on the side of the road then hired somone to pick them up for $200. What a bunch of B.S." Dec 15, 11 8:58 AM

Bob Stevens Faces Felony Charges Of Stealing From Appliance Store Employees In Westhampton

I had purchased a G.E. washer a year year before Bob Stevens closed up. I paid for an extended warrrenty, whe I called to put in a claim, I was told that there was no record of me buying an extended warrenty, luckely I had the reciept saying I did pay for it through Bob Stevens. guess they charged me then put my money in their pocket. wonder how many other people they did this to!!" Apr 9, 12 4:21 PM

North Haven Mayor Charged With DWI

Wonder why this was not on the local radio station??? Guess it all depends who you are!" Apr 10, 12 11:57 AM