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Southampton High School Unveils Marine Science Wet Lab

I attended the opening of the Marine Science Wet Lab at Southampton High School last evening. It was wonderful.
Let us put aside all the negatives and cheer for all the positives. The opening of the Lab brought together so many members of our community. Educators, government officials, students, construction workers, business officials and curious citizens came together to celebrate.
What a wonderful addition to our school! Here is a "hands on" teaching tool for our students. The research and learning that has taken place and will continue to take place in these classrooms will have a POSITIVE effect on our community for years to come. With the living seas surrounding us, it seems to be the perfect step into the future.
To all the "nay sayers", I'm sorry you didn't have the opportunity to see or hear the students explain their projects. They were so proud of their work and were more than willing to share. Projects like these will keep our children in this community. Through the programs in Southampton Schools, the children learn to respect and protect the world around them. They are learning the importance of keeping our environment safe for generations to come.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project, especially Greg Metzger. Mr. Metzger, thank you for your passion and devotion to the subject of Marine Science. Thanks too, for sharing your dream with the students of Southampton Schools. You have been a positive influence on the lives of many." Jan 21, 12 11:05 AM

Demos Withdraws From Congressional Race

Randy and the Koch Brothers probably offered to pay for the wedding, honeymoon, the year round house and the summer home in the Hamptons. Demos just realized the wedding was a week away? This is the "out-soucing of a political candidate. Randy is probably giving him a job with one of his outsourced companies....How do you say Demos in Mandarin?
" May 25, 12 8:08 PM

Deleski Is Popular Face At Southampton

Karen is a tremendous asset to the Southampton Athletic Program. Karen has a vested interest in all of the athletes. She is the consummate professional and always goes above and beyond her job description. The student athletes respect her in many ways. She always has a smile on her face and is always so pleasant to athletes, parents and coaches. Karen knows what she is doing and is amazing with injured athletes. I am always so impressed with her care of the athlete and parent. She knows how to handle the situation and keeps everyone calm. I am most impressed by her "follow-up". It doesn't end when the game is over, or the athlete goes for treatment. She never hesitates to call and check on the athlete. I think Karen has been a great role model and many of the athletes who are pursuing careers in sports medicine had been inspired by her. Karen is a dedicated professional and a wonderful young woman." Dec 10, 14 8:08 PM

Bishop Leaves Behind Legacy As East End Advocate

Thank you, Tim. You have served us well. No one will ever realize the time and energy you gave to the First Congressional District. It was not your job, it was your life. Your dedication and love of this district was amazing. I hope your future plans make you as happy as you were to represent all of us. Take time to enjoy your family. No words could ever express our gratitude. God Speed.
" Dec 24, 14 9:25 AM

Zeldin Joins Republican Majority In Voting For Keystone Pipeline

Lee Zeldin is doing exactly what he was expected to do. He is a puppet of the Republican Party and he agreed to be their minion. The millions of dollars the Republicans spent on having him elected are paying off. He voted for the pipeline.
The bill will be vetoed. It is part of the game. Lee Zeldin will continue to play the role of the good little minion, until he decides he knows enough people in Washington DC, Then he will become a lobbyist. The Firs Congressional District is a stepping stone in his very elaborate game plan." Jan 10, 15 10:50 AM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

It breaks my heart that once again, Hampton Bays Schools is healing a " black eye" because of unprincipled citizens. Let's look at this organization in memory of Art Jones and do the "right thing". Maybe an "outsider" needs to be appointed to the management of the funds that are raised for the scholarships. I don't want to talk about Kevin Springer or Warren Booth, I want to talk about all the citizens of Hampton Bays that have supported this scholarship since it was started. Let's move on, leave the others behind, and find a management team for this wonderful scholarship in honor of this wonderful man. We have to do right, by Art and the students of Hampton Bays Schools who benefit, from this scholarship. The Law will take care of the offender, we need to protect the Scholarship Fund.
" Dec 12, 15 9:11 PM

Southampton School District Considering Purchasing Building For District Office

Did you read the article?
Dr. Farina stressed that purchasing a new building would not tack on additional taxes for district residents, as taxpayers already approved setting up a capital reserve account in the 2009-10 school year that targeted the creation of a bus garage and a new district office. With the bus garage project completed, there is now $8.2 million remaining in the reserve that officials can use for the new office. Voter approval is required for the district to tap into that money, though, Dr. Farina said.
" Jan 10, 16 9:38 AM

'Toxic' Relationship With Parents Forces Virginia McGovern To Step Down As Southampton Varsity Softball Head Coach

I guess bullying happens on all levels. We spend thousands of dollars with workshops and different programs trying to teach out students the "horror" of bullying. How can we explain putting the blame on schools and teachers when it is obvious that parents are contributing to the bullying? Or is it okay because a parent is involved,I wonder if any of these parents ever reported a bullying incident against their child. Bullying is wrong. Can we all learn from this very unfortunate story.
" Apr 20, 17 2:10 PM

Former Hampton Bays Friendly's To Host Modern American Restaurant And Market In Spring

I think this is a great idea. Good Luck to Mr. Biundo with his plans. If this turns out to be as wonderful as Centro it will be a great asset to the Community.

" Mar 4, 19 2:51 PM

UPDATE: Schneiderman Wins Reelection In Southampton; Bouvier and Martel Win Town Board Seats; Fleming Returns To County Seat

I too, was at the HB Library after 1:30. There one ipad was not working. When I finally voted, my ballot was rejected three times and finally accepted the fourth try. The technology doesn't seem to be working. I don't think it is the men and women that are staffing the poles. I shudder to think what would have happened if it was a Presidential Election. The Board of Elections needs to look into these issues before next years election.

" Nov 5, 19 6:39 PM