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Lesters Plead Not Guilty In East Hampton Town Justice Court

It does seem like that doesn't it?? Do you know why? It's because we live in a very tense time where big government is at an unprecedented level and continues to grow and distance itself further from the ideals on which this country was founded on and ignores the will of the people it was intended to serve. If you want to ignore it and pretend it isn't happening than feel free to go elsewhere and look away while our once great country is clearly headed towards socialism unless the people make their will known by "whining"." Aug 24, 11 3:02 PM

Ohh man, you're right I should have picked Joe McCarthy!... Because I said "Socialism" right?? Oooh how taboo, I could come on here ranting about how people are socialists that would have been soo freakin funny.. Dang too late now... No for your information this is my first time joining and posting on 27 East. Woody Harrelson has no significance whatsoever it is simply a random name that I find some humor in instead of using my actual name. Maybe he played the bartender if you say he did.. I personally couldn't care less it's beyond irrelevant. I care about this country. There are many many other people in this country who believe it is headed strongly in that direction so don't try and single me out for using the word. "Last cry of the clueless"??? You only make yourself look clueless with a remark like that." Aug 25, 11 9:44 AM

I see your point, but I'm not understanding whats with the tone behind it, are you mocking everyone who doesn't agree with you? Because it really seems so. The extreme leftists are every bit as bad as the extreme righties and you know it. I don't support either, the two party system is NOT working and is doomed to fail. They accomplish nothing because they're too busy fighting each other trying to make the other guy look bad and win votes and ultimately stuff their pockets with our money. And we let this happen!???!!!?? Neither of them has our back because they both have their own agenda which isn't our best interests. You see where the anti-government sentiment comes from? People "whining" about it are simply trying to be heard. They're absolutely fed up with getting no results. And OUR government is ignoring the people it was created to serve. The Declaration of Independence says that when the government no longer has the consent of the governed, they should overthrow it. Don't get me wrong because I'm NOT crying revolution here but is it soo wrong when people want to question a government that they don't trust? I honestly could do without about 15 things on that list because I pay for them with my tax dollars while they don't do a damn thing for me to begin with. I am not soo closed minded as to say that I don't depend on many other things on that list, because I do. But I am certainly not for expanding them further when many of them need to be rethought and heavily cut back. I am very independent in my views and I don't affiliate myself with either Rep or Dem or Tea Party or any party nor do I appreciate when people try to group me in with either. I identify most closely with Libertarian views but not all of them by any means. I have independent views. Do you honestly trust your government? I don't trust them and I don't know anyone who really does. Unless you like paying people money that YOU worked for only to have them lie to your face and screw you over." Aug 25, 11 2:23 PM

UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

I beleive he's talking about the new parish art museum.." Aug 26, 11 9:55 AM

Officials: After Hurricane, East End Is Ready For Labor Day Visitors

No Just Kidding!! We're not ready to accommodate you so please don't come visit the east hampton for labor day." Sep 2, 11 9:27 AM