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UPDATE: Storm Lessens In Intensity; Should Make Landfall At 10 a.m.

Good morning- thank you for all of your comments- the information and levity is much appreciated!

Regarding evacuation...officials are using the term "mandatory" for certain areas in the hope that people will comply...yet I believe that no one can legally be compelled to leave, yes?

Remaining in obvious danger zones does indeed threaten the welfare of rescue workers. In addition, doing so could potentially deflect emergency services away from people who are in trouble despite best efforts, such as the elderly or infirm.

However, evacuation as a matter of course in borderline areas (for example, we are just a touch south of Montauk Highway in WH) has the potential to create more problems.

While it is important to respect this hurricane and be prepared, panic would only serve to cause more calamity and also tie up services. Unfortunately, situations like this either bring out the best in people or the WORST.

It is difficult enough as it is to maneuver the exit roads in high traffic, even off season...then add the fact that the mass exodus yesterday was a total cluster***k.

While many people I encountered yesterday went out of their way to be kind and helpful, in HB I actually saw a woman lose her mind because someone "took too long " at the register. Idiots all along Mtk Hway getting gas at the last minute were atrocious, honking, cutting in line, screaming. It made me sick.

It seems like the scariest part of this is not mother nature, but instead HUMAN nature. " Aug 27, 11 11:42 AM

Experts Urge Residents To Remember Pets During Hurricane

They should not have a pet indeed! (or small children/dependents!)

But I have heard stories of summer people either feeding a stray for the season then cutting it lose when they leave, or actually adopting a pet for the season then dumping it roadside come Labor Day! Just one more disposable object..." Aug 27, 11 12:12 PM