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LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

In my area, we have not seen a single LIPA truck. We've seen the occasional town of Huntington truck or Suffolk County Police Department vehicles, but as far as we Huntingtonians (and Huntington Stationites) are concerned, nobody I've talked to has seen a single vehicle.

Apparently, LIPA is the "only game in town" and we are their captive consumers. I think they need to be heftily FINED, perhaps that will coax Long Island's most notorious monopoly to be more efficient in delegating tasks to their employees. New York small businesspeople can attest that if WE don't provide certain services to customers or clients, we are fined, regardless of the circumstances. I think LIPA should get that very same treatment." Aug 31, 11 10:50 AM