Mini Coop, Southampton, dealership

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Oceanfront homes could have date with wrecking ball

Why dont they just move it like all the other historic places around here? It is very possible." Sep 8, 08 5:49 PM

Neighbors in dispute over garage

I had a garage just like this moved for me last year by Dawn House & Building Movers(dawnhousemovers.com) They had it moved and dropped back down by lunch time. Just move the garage already." Oct 28, 08 7:47 PM

Calvin Klein plans to tear down controversial house

how about they get a building mover to cut the house into about 30 different pieces and have the pieces transported to different struggling families throughout the island." Dec 17, 08 7:28 PM

The future of landscape architecture

yupp" Oct 18, 09 8:01 PM

Erosion, Not Snowfall, Is Blizzard's Main Impact In East Hampton

i remember years ago the dawn moving company moved a house on dune road away when its foundation had partially collapsed. dont think it was this bad but you never know what can be done. worth a shot feel bad for these folks!" Dec 28, 10 7:54 PM