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Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

OK, what is the problem here? These people got hit harder than anyone in EH and they're just trying to save their property before the man takes it away and has a bunch of summer idiots tanning on their land while they still pay taxes on it. What would you do if someone tried to take your land, would you just say the hell with it and give up god knows how much in property value, or would you fight for it? Kudos to them. The trustees should be more concerned with pumping sand onto our beaches BEFORE these storms scour everything instead of railroading decent taxpayers. When the sand comes back will the trustees give them their property back? I think not!!! I think people should be more concerned with the Napeauge/truck beach situation and that rich dude on further lane who leveled all the dunes. Those people are the greedy ones. " Sep 5, 11 1:35 AM

Saturday Fireworks Are On In East Hampton

We have to be the only morons in the country to have 4th of July fireworks in September. This is a complete joke." Sep 5, 11 1:40 AM

Storm Brews Over Georgica Beach Fence

I just wanted to let Tito know that he does not know what he is talking about. First, the only sand being used to fill their beach are sandbags made with maritime sand from (fittingly) georgica pond, which they used in their basement during the storm and will cut open when their OPEN WOOD fence is done. Second, they are not irrigating the dune, but rather using water as a clever way to drive them down in the sand, so when the waves from Katia come, their property lines wont get washed away again." Sep 6, 11 7:00 PM

Sorry, I got cut off before. To continue, thirdly, i know these folks and they are not planning to sue anyone. If anything, theyre worried about being sued themselves by someone playing on those rocks. They are not greedy, they are good people who are just protecting what they still rightfully own. The only land grab here is the town trying to grab their land while they still tax them on it. This has happened before to homeowners in the area, and the trustees are very opportunistic about it. And yes, those sandbags are hideous, but they are a temporary way for them to get downthe cliff until the town allows them to build a staircase and the wooden part of the fence. Then they will be cut. I know georgica is closed right now but have any of you been down there in the last few days? The sand is returning, the rocks on the public side of the fence are completely buried, and there is about a 60 foot wide thoroughfare between their fence and the ocean at low tide, and you can now pass through at high tide without getting wet. Even though katia might further erode the dunes, the easterly angle of the swell and winds ensures that there will be a ton of new sand between the parking lot and the 1st jetty. The beach will be soon big enough for everyone, so let them save their land. They're just building what basically amounts to a snow fence within their property border. What would you do?" Sep 6, 11 10:12 PM