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UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

This man is highly respected among the school's faculty, student, and parents. He is a kind hearted, hardworking, humble person who shows everyone he knows and works with a tremendous amount of respect. And in return, everyone affords him the same. There is a reason everyone loves the man.

Also, for years he has been in a relationship with a coworker that everyone likes and agrees is highly attractive. This fact, coupled with his perceived character, makes this whole thing seem very fishy.

Innocent until proven guilty people. Show Tom Sheppard some decency, because absolutely none of you know what actually happened. " Mar 20, 13 9:40 PM

100% not true. What are you even saying man. No WHB football coach was arrested for selling drugs. No WHB football coach was even arrested for anything. You are either misinformed, or you just like to make things up. " Mar 22, 13 2:51 AM