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County selects developer for industrial park

So Mr. Levy, what happened to all the other proposals that were submitted by mostly local East End businesses hoping to expand at the Hampton Business & Technology Park at Gabreski Airport. We were all told at the informational meeting held in Yaphank this past year that "all proposals were being considered", when it was pointed out by my brother Tom that the lengthy application package was clearly intended for larger scale developers. Why couldn't we have been told the real plan (to bring in one developer), which would have saved all of us small independent business owners a lot of wasted time and effort! When I had asked at that meeting "how many proposals?", I was told "almost 100 proposal packages were mailed to interested parties" and I personally know of many more than the four as stated that did respond. Why were we led along for five years and then not notified of the decision to hand off the entire project to one developer. Why were so few advisory committee members in attendance in Hauppauge at the "big announcement"? Politics as usual. The upside I guess is that at least now the project will be handled by someone reputable (Rechler) instead of the county and the new industrial park won't take another thirty years to complete. Sour grapes - you bet!" Sep 9, 08 10:36 AM