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Alec Baldwin Will Push Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

... their handling of the Bridgehampton PDD, their own sordid proposal, was a dis-service too their professional practice, was it not?" Jul 16, 16 12:06 AM

Alec Baldwin, Local Environmentalists Petition For Pine Barrens Commission To Review 'The Hills'

... there is no truth to the statement that the development of this project will positively impact the financial state of the EQ school. School funding issues cant be resolved by building this monstrosity over our water supply, in the Pine Barrens. Nor can school funding issues be resolved in Southampton Town Hall. To think this is possible, to think that the Town Board has absolutely anything to do with school funding relief is incorrect. Tax relief comes from Albany in the form of constitutionally guaranteed education aid, or, in this case, the lack of it. Albany is where that fight lies.

The developers of this nightmare, have gone from initially saying they have the power to keep children out of the school, to saying that they "think" no children will attend the school. Big difference. That was their initial sales pitch, but that, like most of the initial proposal, has changed to their benefit at the expense of the people of the town.

At the end of the day, when the developers stop plying citizens with booze and pigs in a blanket, and when they are called on to back their half-baked promises, this project still remains the most toxic project ever proposed over our water supply.

They ought to take the recently offered money from the town and run." Jul 22, 16 10:27 AM

Cedar Island Lighthouse To Get $300,000 From County For Renovations

... BF was all over the tube last night at the convention The cameras caught her having a kumbaya moment, arm in arm with fellow Dems, belting out "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with Paul Simon. Saw her front and center wildly applauding either Booker or Michelle. Looked like Cedar Island was on the back burner last night." Jul 26, 16 1:51 PM

... didn't mean to blow your mind, bud." Jul 26, 16 3:14 PM

Southampton Town Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue Is Rejected

... smart like the Bridgehampton PDD?" Aug 6, 16 7:25 PM

Riverside Residents Angry Over Grant Allocation To Neighboring Hamlet

... revitalizing this part of the town (Flanders, Riverside, N. Hampton) is crucial to Southampton's future. Fairly easy to get buy in from all parties involved. Let the money flow in, not the paltry 230k talked about above and let the property owners and businesses do it themselves without government interference and developer bribery." Aug 10, 16 9:36 AM

New Peconic Baykeeper Is Already Hard At Work

... great credentials, good luck." Aug 12, 16 2:17 PM

Father Of Remsenburg Teen With Down Syndrome Warned To Stay Off School Grounds Or Face Arrest

... did you not just contradict yourself ?" Aug 23, 16 11:20 AM

Facing Space Problems, Bridgehampton School Officials Eye Expansion Plan

... it would be a shame to touch the existing gym. It is a work of art with character and history that very few HS gyms have." Aug 26, 16 9:53 AM

East Quogue Woman To Fight Climate Change At United Nations Conference

... how can you criticize what this young woman is doing? She is not a woman of privilege, she is the product of her own hard work and that of her parents and the East Quogue school. Dineen has brought more important issues to the forefront at an early age that most people would in their lifetimes.

I have seen her speak in public and she is both passionate and mesmerizing. She has come along way from the quiet fifth grader I remember dribbling a basketball around the school gym.

We need more thinkers and doers like her coming out of our public schools. She makes the world a better place." Oct 31, 16 9:54 AM

Jack Ryan: County Champion

... congrats. Jack. Great accomplishment - best of luck in the states." Nov 7, 16 11:55 AM

First Hearing On The Hills In East Quogue Draws Big Crowd, Mixed Reactions

...which NIMB people are you talking about , the one's that care about water quality and the future of the town, or the out of towners who showed up at the meeting pushing this thing since it is not in their backyard?" Nov 11, 16 9:16 AM

LIPA Negotiating For Offshore Wind Power To Come To South Fork

... I saw the ones off Block Island this summer, they are horrible. Unles they can be put farther out in the ocean out of sight - they ruin the vistas and pose an ever looming sense of corporate encroachment and development to an otherwise gorgeous vacation spot. Placed off Long Island, they would make a nice accompaniment to the aces and acres of solar panels that are being placed on farm lands throughout eastern Suffolk and the East End. " Nov 22, 16 3:24 PM

Whale Stranded In Moriches Bay Euthanized, Feeding Outrage From Onlookers

...maybe it's time for Zeldin to have the intracoastal waterway dredged from Moriches to Hampton Bays to an appropriate depth to accommodate both boat traffic and the occasional stray whale? When he gets done with the Flanders zip code, of course." Nov 29, 16 3:15 PM

Second Hearing On 'Hills' Application Gets Rowdy

... Mark, didn't I see you take an anti-Hills sticker that someone affixed to the podium and throw it at Dick Amper, or was that someone that just looked like you?" Dec 7, 16 1:41 PM

... good answer! It is the "throwing at someone" part I have a concern with. You are better than that." Dec 7, 16 5:17 PM

... sounds like the "have a cold Corona together" thing is off the table. " Dec 8, 16 6:10 AM

Discovery Land Establishes Presence On East Quogue's Main Street

... there isn't enough cubed cheese and pepperoni in the world to get this project pushed through." Dec 22, 16 2:32 AM

... stay above the fray, you guys have done enough damage to local businesses by pitting their owners against those residents who disagree with your "seasonal resort" nonsense.

Stick to the facts - and have a Merry Christmas." Dec 23, 16 10:30 AM

Officials Discuss Southampton Town PDD Changes After Moratorium in May

... "she was not an advocate of PDD legislation, she sees it as a useful planning tool."" Jan 4, 17 4:52 PM

Dr. Gobler Says Luxury Golf Course Resort Would Leave Larger Nitrogen Footprint Than Subdivision

... that's "fake news"." Jan 12, 17 10:13 AM

...meaning Willmott's post" Jan 12, 17 10:16 AM

...Sebonack and the hills should not be mentioned in the same sentence. Sebonack does not have 118 homes as does the hills subdivision PDD, so any comparison of the two is not reality-based." Jan 17, 17 5:02 PM

.... I assume Discovery will have those 'restrictive covenants", keeping kids out of the school, when they build the as of right development. That would truly show their desire to do the right thing for East Quogue." Jan 21, 17 6:05 PM

.... I assume Discovery will utilize those same "restrictive covenants", keeping kids out of the school, when they build the as of right development. That would truly show their desire to do the right thing for East Quogue and keep their client base happy - a win/win." Jan 21, 17 6:10 PM

EPA Admonishes East Hampton Over Outlawed Cesspools, But Town Says It Has No Authority

... nice timing by the EPA, congrats. They reached out to East Hampton right before Trump censored them - talk about under the wire!" Jan 25, 17 10:11 AM

East Hampton School Board Formally Opposes Betsy DeVos For U.S. Secretary of Education

... totally unqualified for the job.Trump cant make the Sec.of Ed position a political plum. Too much at risk. Good move EH BofE. All districts should follow suit." Feb 1, 17 2:13 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

... he's also very busy getting that zip code deal done in Flanders - let the man work!" Feb 3, 17 7:59 AM

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