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Trash Backs Up On East End Because Of Gas Prices, Heavy Traffic

So let's just add a CVS onto Montauk Highway so that traffic will never move.
The residents of East Hampton Town should be yelling about CVS far louder than anyone in Bridgehampton; they will never get through that intersection.
There is no room to position high-volume curb cuts on that corner--entering and exiting cars at all hours will block traffic from moving through the light. Imagine 2-3 cars moving westward on Montauk Highway per light. And how will hourly ambulances get through the intersection with a nice big CVS truck trying to make daily deliveries.
Southampton will get it's garbage down island, but East Hampton, never." Jul 16, 14 5:28 PM

UPDATE: Gas Can, Rags Found Near Sagaponack House Fire, Police Investigating

For background read sagaponack village meeting minutes 08/10/09." Sep 16, 14 10:18 PM

Anyone who has driven by the house regularly over the years witnessed the extraordinary level of maintenance that was done to this house. The shutters seemed to come off every single year for painting or cleaning." Sep 17, 14 4:16 PM

Southampton School District Will Receive Bridgehampton Gateway's Property Tax Revenue

Look at that map. Southampton school district reached far into Bridgehampton and grabbed all the commercial land. Leaving nothing for Bridgehampton." Aug 12, 15 6:13 PM

Southampton Police Arrest Man On Several Felony Drug Possession Charges In Bridgehampton

Good job to the police for stopping a texting driver. Our village should be safe for pedestrians. Thankful to finally see signs of some enforcement in Bridgehampton." Aug 21, 16 4:57 PM

Car Crashes Into Water Mill Home Early Sunday Morning, Starts Fire; Driver Faces DWI Charge

To the Judge,
Please do everything you can do to keep Mr. Alec Wasser off the roads in our neighborhood. On Sat night at 1am he crashed his car into his neighbor’s house, supposedly at high speed, igniting the house in flames with the family sleeping inside. Wasser is a menace to every one of us who lives in this community. People who drive recklessly not only destroy property and lives, they create fear, anxiety and threaten us all. Residents should not fear going out late due to the threat of drunk drivers on our roads at night. We are all captive to Wasser. This is not a child. He’s a 21-year-old with a car who destroyed a home, property and endangered many lives. We have some measure of relief in hearing that you declared him a danger and temporarily revoked his license, this summer he will not be driving. But what about next year? His lawyer Eddie will be working overtime to get back that license as quickly as possible. The victims are so grateful to be alive they may show him some forgiveness, but please remember the widespread fear inflicted by his actions. We are all victims. Do NOT return his driver’s license. Jail is also effective. Hopefully he will decide to spend his time elsewhere. This is not the community we want. Thank you to our volunteer firefighters." Mar 8, 17 10:14 PM

Some School Districts See Low New Student Enrollment Numbers

Would have liked to see Bridgehampton numbers reported. This district needs more transparency with large expansion planned." Sep 1, 17 11:46 AM

Bridgehampton Gateway Developer Frustrated By 'Misinformation' Spread About Her Proposal

It is false to say that this developer was stymied by the community in building a shopping center. The proposals floated over the years going back to the PDD were not "as of right" and were not allowable under existing zoning laws. The development plans always needed variances, that's why nothing was built.

The land had long been zoned HB-Highway Business. Health Clubs, and even bookstores and medical offices, were not previously included in the HB designation, although there might have been recent changes. As with any zoning designation, it was the basis for the value of the land.

Konner has now said they have submitted a proposal which is 'allowed' on the property.
The community has a valid right to question this proposal:
1. The traffic impact of another high-volume business feeding into 27 across from Commons will be devastating
2. The environmental impact on Kellis Pond needs to be defined
3. The dubious nature of splitting one business into multiple buildings/entrances to circumvent zoning laws is a unwelcome game, similar to the CVS proposal" Dec 13, 17 9:07 PM

Smart development is development that is legal in Southampton town. The property owner has the right to develop the property. But an owner is not entitled to variances that allow buildings to exceed superstore, environmental, or other zoning laws. Advance Auto is probably legal under Highway Business zoning. Panera is already across the street in BH Commons. A Rite Aid store too.CVS stores in SH & EH along with a new store 3 miles away in Wainscott." Dec 14, 17 2:00 PM

Chains don't close? In Commons across the street many chain closures: Banana Republic, Childrens Place, Sunglass Hut, American Eagle/another Limited, wasn't there a Victoria secret? Radio Shack still open? Chain stores are not the issue. HB zoning specifies business classifications. If the business meets the zoning classification it doesn't matter if chain or not." Dec 18, 17 1:53 PM